Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whining Narcissa

I've written this poem last August 20, 2008...Again, it's part of my collection of poems and I'll be posting the rest of my saved files, later.

Keep posted. Hehehe....

This poem is about Narcissa's (from Narcissus, The Self-Admirer)complain about her love life and about the way people treat her which for her, is not fit for a near perfect woman like her.

I delved into the frame of mind of Narcissa and what she will feel and think if ever she'll be rejected...

More so, I also have some hidden reasons.

Here it is....

Why can’t they love her as she is?
Don’t they have the eyes to see their loss?
How in the world they can treat her like that:
To just pass by her on the street
And ignore her in the dark solace of the night?

Oh what a pity for them to have a big loss like her!

Why can’t they see the goddess in her?
Can you tell me what their standard of beauty is?
And so she can correct them with what is right
With what is profoundly of optimum level of beauty
And of loveliness they can parade with in the metropolis.

Oh how I pity their taste of what is to be admired!

Why can’t they ask her out for dinner?
Don’t they have the courage to approach a deity like her?
Is she that intimidating or too much for them?
If only they know how low her standard of beauty is,
Then for sure, they would all come rushing for her hands.

Oh how pathetic of them to be such a coward!

Why do they underestimate themselves so much?
And why do they put her so high in the pedestal?
So high that they can no longer see the real her;
And enjoy the company of a star.

Oh how pathetic of them to degrade themselves!

Why can’t they hear her cries each night?
How often should she weep for them to recognize her?
And how loud should her bawl be for them to be awakened
That she is just as ordinary like them,
With only an extraordinary amount of beauty.

Oh how I wish they’ll listen now.

Why can’t they love her as she is?
Can’t they accept her being perfect
And live with the fact that they are not.
For once I hope they could get a life and notice her
She’ll soon be tired of waiting.
In a little while, she’ll return to her kingdom
And have a thousand years of beauty rest.©

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