Tuesday, January 13, 2009

False Optimism

I am an optimist
But sometimes
I pray that I’m not.
It pays to be positive
But it isn’t true all the time
Once in a while
We must learn how to discern
A realizable optimism
From a fancy piece of false reassurance
Or worse with what is just a bit of s**t.

Next time that you find it hard
To release your grip
To someone
That has been quiet so evasive
Just go with your instinct
And I know it tells you to let go
When you’re done
Just move forward and walk away
Leaving every piece of your hopes
To the forgotten silhouettes of your past

Your action was not a form of cowardice
Nor it was an escapism
From a losing battle
This time your world must be reopened
Yours arms must be ready for a hug
And before you even realize it
You’re in track once again
People will come filling-in your emptiness
Your sphere of influence, charm and power
Has been revitalized once more.

Letting go of someone
Isn’t synonymous
To giving up your fight
It was just a way to respect
The flow of nature
Of just allowing its natural flow to unveil
For now, it takes great courage to accept defeat
But it even takes more bravery to step out
And kiss new dating hello!®

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