Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Night Only

***This poem was written last 10-05-08.

For a night
I felt the world
At its best
How I wished
I could freeze
Every second
Every passing time
Where I was in touch
With what I thought
Could just be fantasy
Drawn into canvass
And will never come to life
I was there
Sitting at the majestic bed
As I watched the jeepneys
Running like matchbox
From the 10th floor
And there he was
Talking with me
Trying to make me
Feel at home
With his presence
Our chit-chat
Went on and on
Till the only light
That illuminates the night
Were the warm radiance
Of the lampshade
And the conglomeration
Of city lights outside
That seep through
The glass window
And the ivory colored curtain.
What a perfect picture
Of a honeymoon
If only we were
Newly Weds
But, we’re just
Two strangers
Partnered by fate
During that cold and gloomy night
To make a night full of pleasure
Filled with moans
And explosion of sticky white secretions
Moments after
We were laid back
Out of exhaustion…
Then, morning came
As expected
The flag ceremony began
So, I can’t help but bite
And take a bunch
Of my meaty
And sumptuous breakfast in bed
Time has come
For our goodbyes
I took a bath
To feel the water
Of Marco Polo
Returned his clothes
And put on mine
I bid farewell
And so he did
We thanked each other
I went out
And our... night stand ended…
…But wait, it didn’t end
…For me
Though for him
I believe it did
I felt something for him
I can’t say it’s love
But, it isn’t lust, as well
I believe it’s more than that
I was caught off guard again
By my vulnerability
To thoughtful acts
So here I am
Suffering to the product
Of my susceptibility to romance
Torturing myself
With the thoughts
Of wanting him badly
By my side…
How I wish
I could learn the skill
Of sticking to the
No strings attached feeling
Cos’ in the end
It’ll always be me
Crying out for love
And affection…
From someone
Whom I can just call
A sexual partner…
And no more…

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