Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Story: Our joys and MY pains

(This pic (erased 01-01-2010) was taken on the night when he told me everything...we're at the taxi...

this was our last kiss...and i didn't know that it will be our last...huhuhu...

feel with my pain...
and i hope, by that...
my pain will be alleviated...)

I just want to share what happened between us...
Spare me with my grammar this time..I am not particular with it when I wrote this...hehe...
All I know is that, I was and still in pain..and I just want to lighten up my feeling...

Hope ul find time to read...and share ur advices, etc. Hope, inspirational din sabhn nu...and makamotivate for me to move on...

Pls help me make thsi long and painful journey of moving on...come to its end already...
Help me in praying also...

Thank You...

Here is our story...of course, part lng din yan ng wat hapend to us...but I am sure, it will give u an idea as to how perfect our relationship was...and how a perfect relationship can still be destroyed...without you, noticing it...till, one day....


Our love story started more than two months ago. He found me at friendster, and as he said to me, he was star struck by my looks. So, he started sending me text messages but, I rarely replied because I was not really interested with him. Then came the time where I decided to meet-up with him. When we saw each other, I felt something that I didn’t feel before. I was also somewhat star struck by his looks. He was also good-looking, more so I can say that physically he is really my type. After our first meeting, we rarely texted each other because, maybe I was really not into him. It was just physical attraction for me. Then, came the time again when he asked me to go out. Of course, I accepted his invitation. We spent 12 hours together during that day, starting after lunch till 2 am the next day. After that date, we didn’t notice that we were seeing each other every day already. Ten days after we first met, we went into a very romantic place here in our city, the place is situated at a mountain, yet it was already developed and it was so accessible. From that place, we can see the whole of davao city, while sensing the cold and romantic wind of the place. And from above, you can see the countless stars and the moon celebrating, as well with our joys. During that night, we didn’t mind what other people might think of us, considering that we are both male and here in our place, same sex relationship is just beginning to really come out. That night, before we went home, he finally asked me the question that I was longing to hear from him. He asked if we can be together already as boyfriends…and so I said yes. He instantly leaped in elation when he heard my YES. We were so happy that night. Then, starting that day on, we were spending time with each other every day already. In our 8 weeks of being together, I can just count in my ten fingers the day when we did not see each other. Just to say it, he was my first true relationship. It was just with him, where I experienced to go out into malls almost every day, watch every new movie in the cinema, ride jeepneys while he was touching my elbow, eating out at some fine dining places, sleeping into our house, having breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in bed, and a lot more. I can just mention everything, since the pain is already unbearable that I can hardly finish this story because I’m into so much pain now. In our 2 months of being together, we had more than 700 pictures taken from my cp and his camera (majority are taken from my phone). Every time, we ate out before for the first time at a certain place, or watch movie, we keep the receipts and tickets. During our 1st monthsary, I made him a scrapbook of our story. It was like our diary, like a calendar of events each day. I filled the scrapbook with our pictures on a certain day, with notes at the side, then I also included the receipts and tickets there together with our pictures during that day. I surprised him, as well during his bday. He was so happy that time. And on our 2nd monthsary, last june 28, 2009…A week before our 2nd monthsary he went home at his hometown, and he said to me he can’t go home on our monthsary. But then, the night of June 28, just after I ate my dinner. He sent me a text message asking me to go out and look for a certain star. I didn’t go out, I said to him, I was afraid to go out. So, he said to me, even if I say to you that I am outside your house. So I rushed outside and really found him standing and smiling at me. Actually, this was his 2nd surprise visit to me. When I saw him, we laughed at smiled at each other. I punched him, etc. We were giggling already. Then we came inside our house, and gave me a lasagna form their hometown. We ate it together…I tell you, we were really a picture of a perfect relationship…of perfect lovers. I didn’t see any problems at all. Until one day…

It was July 1, 2009, two days after our 2nd monthsary. I will always remember the night of this day, for during that time, during dinner, he told me what happened. Early on, he was already silent and he keeps on telling me that he is having a troubled mind. I didn’t have any idea that his being troubled had something to do with me. After finishing out meal, we still remained at the place and he told me everything. He told me, that it has been one month already that he started to see another guy. I knew the guy by face, he was also the cause of our fight before. But, it was solved because my ex said that they already stopped texting each other. But, then, he lied to me. Not only that they were texting, they were also seeing each other. He said, almost every night before, he and that guy were together without me knowing. Those times were the nights where he said that his cellphone is not working well, etc. He admitted that he committed so much lies to me already. And that’s why he can’t bear it anymore. So, he decided to tell everything. In short, during that night, he said he fell in love with that guy. But he added that he still loves me. He loves us both. I said, it is not possible for him to love us both at the same time. He had to choose. But he can’t. He said, he’s still confused. He even said to me that on that guy, he saw what he did not see in me, and on him he saw what he has been looking for. Those words really crushed my heart into pieces. Yet, still I held on to our relationship. I didn’t want to break-up with him. But, it was him who was undecided already. When we went out, we ride at a taxi and we were still so sweet that time, as if nothing happened. As if we were still lovers like before. We kissed each other at the taxi. He bit me and I also bit him. We even took pictures while kissing on the taxi, like we used to before, etc. He also said that on Sunday, the time where I will go back in Davao, we will return to the place where I gave his YES to him. So I was really excited. But, it didn’t happen already. Because at around 12 midnight of July 2, we sort of really broke-up already. When we went home, he did not go with me already at the jeepney. Instead he ride a taxi because he said, he doesn’t have a change. He also said that he will text me later because, he is low batt already. I felt something fishy already. So, I waited for his text. I kept on sending him text messages already. But, he didn’t reply. So I decided to go to their (he and his cousin’s) boarding house. On my way, I texted him, just say if you are with that other guy and I won’t text u already. Then, he replied to me. He said he just woke up and he will sleep again because he is so sleepy. I didn’t believe. It was already raining so hard that night. Good thing that I was able to ride a taxi. While on the taxi, I asked God for a sign. I said, if I saw him at the boarding house, really sleeping already, then, I can still trust him and we can still be together. But, if he’s not there or worse, if the other guy is there, then, I cannot trust him already. That was the sign, I didn’t even say that if I saw them together, I would break-up with him already. So, I arrived at the place. When I was in front of the door of his room. I saw two pairs of slippers and heard two voices. I didn’t knock the door, yet. I sat down at the nearby chair and tried to compose myself and be ready with what will happen, with what will I see. I opened my phone and set my video to record what will happen. I turned the door knob to open but it was locked. So, I knocked on the door already and he was the one who opened it up. He was shocked by what he saw. He pushed me out, but I pushed him in, so I was able to get inside and see indeed, the beast sitting at the bed wearing only a boxer shorts and white sando shirt. I knew then, they just had sex. I didn’t make any fiasco. I know I would just make a fool out of myself. Instead, I just said now, I know the answer (to the question that I asked him, whether who will he choose between us), bad thing that he didn’t choose me. I said goodbye, and he just nodded his head, I went out and he didn’t even bother to follow me even a single step forward. On my home at the taxi, I texted him and his guy (I got his number at his phone)…I said to his guy that I am now letting him go and that I still love him, and I asked him to take care of my ex. I was so pathetic that time. I also texted my ex with my disappointment and that I still love him despite what happened. I arrived home safely, though I wish I didn’t. On my room, the uproar of my cry reverberated into our house; even our neighbors can hear it. I texted his cousin also, and she comforted me. She was my first outlet. The following day, I went into my friend and I cried my heart out to him. I also asked my classmates in KAPLAN to go out. Good thing, that they were so cooperative and so in the mood to have a good time. I called up a friend of mine as well and shared my story. I had my haircut done, and I even shared my heartache to the hairstylist whom I also know already. The following days after I caught them together, I still kept on texting him. I even said that, I will be what he wants me to be. I said, I will be outgoing, etc..etc…I also said that I am not really a shy type of person, nor a silent one, I just thought that you liked me that way so I stayed that way (which is really true). But all of what I’ve said to him, didn’t make a good difference at all, he still left me. He still opted to stay with his new guy. I even called him lots of times, but he said at first that he was not yet ready to talk about what happened to us. Then, I came to the point where, I had come to accept the fact that he is really not into me already. The problem only was that, we didn’t have a formal, verbal closure. We say actions speak louder than words, but as for me, I just want to hear him say that we’re really over. Just for the sake of having peace of mind and heart, and so that I won’t be expecting already that we will still be together. Last July 3, I kept on asking him to say formally that we are over. But still he can’t. Then, he said, give me until tomorrow. So I granted his request. The following day, I texted him the whole day almost every minute, I also called him up but he didn’t answer. Then finally, he answered my call at around 5pm. He said he was still in the jeep going home, he even sounds angry that time. So I said, I’ll call again later. I called up again, and it was not that easy to call that time because it was so hard to get in the line. The boyfriend of his cousin answered the phone, he said that, he said he is sleeping, and that he said that he is sick. But, knowing that those reasons are not true, I insisted on to talk to him. So, we talked and I asked him again to answer me. But, he said he still can’t answer my question. I asked him in text to answer me with YES or NO, if he is already letting me go…That was the question that he still can’t answer. Actually, that was easier already. Then, he said something that made me know why he was having some trouble with my question. He said, if he will not text by 12 midnight it means his answer is no. I even clarified it saying, do you mean if you won’t text me by 12 midnight, then we are still lovers, we are still together? He said yes. Then, he added, actually we are not yet officially together. He (the other guy) will still decide tonight. So, it was obvious, he will wait for the answer of his new one, before he will decide with what will happen to us. That was such a big disrespect for me, even just as a person. I insisted that he answer me now, but he didn’t. The call was over. I tried to get in the line again. But, I can’t. Then, time came when he said, no matter how many times you call, I won’t answer it because we are with each other tonight. It was so painful just to read his message. Then, I texted him to please answer it that we can talk even just for a minute. By that time, I was already a bit determined to break-up with him. I called him again and his new one answered the phone. He was somewhat in a strong voice. He asked me who am I, and whom I am looking for…I answered his question. I asked him to let me talk with my ex even just for a minute. While we were talking with each other, I can hear the laughter of more than one person in the background. Then, I waited for some time on the line. Finally, he arrived. I think he went to the CR or maybe he was just pretending that he was not around. I asked him the question, and still he said he can’t answer it. Then, I had the courage to say, “BREAK NA TAYO ( we are over!!)”…His new one answered, OK! I said to him, I want to hear it from him (me ex). So he gave the phone again to him. I repeated what I said. I said, break na tayo…And without a fraction of a second…He said OK!!!...And added, so now alam mo na. Then, I added, so, “Are you letting me go?” He answered instantly, “YES.” And that was it, I said thank you and goodbye.

After my call, I leaped in joy of being free, then I called up my friend to share what happened. I didn’t cry, instead we were laughing. But, then after, his memories haunted me again. From that time until now, I am having what they call exacerbations and remissions. There were times where I thought I was so okay already, then moments after I will break in into a flood of tears again. To be honest, I am still expecting until now that there will come a time that he will realize that he still needs me and that he still loves me…To the point that, he will come back to me. I will always welcome him back. But, as for now, I know it is not healthy for me to entertain such thoughts knowing that they are still at the so-called peak of their relationship. It was still quiet impossible to happen.

Thank you for taking time to read my story. Now, I am feeling a little bit relieved. But, I know, later on I would cry again. I just hope I could move on as soon as possible. I don’t want to live with this pain for so long.

I hope you include me in your prayers. Your words, comments, advices, etc, will highly be appreciated. I know, your words could in a way inspire me or move me to move on.

Thank You.
God Bless.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This video was taken at about 9:30 PM (June 29,2009), when an unexpected sudden rage of water started to cover what remains to be seen on the floor of our humble house. Just thirty minutes after, the water was already at a level enough to drown a 5 feet 4 inches tall man who doesn't know how to swim and who doesn't have enough initiative to hold on to something fixed and sturdy. Roughly ten minutes after, the water was about 6 feet already. From the time the flow of water started to the time it almost reached the 2nd floor of our house, it was just about 40 minutes. Of course, we prayed and asked our friends and loved ones to help us in praying, even before the water reached that point. Moments after, we had finished the chaplet of the Divine Mercy and by that time the water was already one step lower on our stairway. Then, it continued on regressing at a snail's pace. When I woke up at around 5:45 am, the water was just at the knee level. So, I started on throwing out water from our house. Later on, my elder brother joined with me, then, the rest of my brothers and cousins.

Our whole June 30, 2009 was devoted to cleaning the house (except for me and my elder brother who had to go to the hospital for a scheduled diagnostic procedure).

It is now 7:20 pm and we had just removed the mud inside our house, as well as on the furnitures. We had not arranged our things yet, including our clothings. We had done so much for today already.

We have a need to rest, eat and recharge ourselves...

For tomorrow will be another busy day for all of us...:-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surprise visit ng payatot...hehe


I had no idea that he was already waiting outside, lamaw pa kau nawong nku...i just woke up from a late afternoon sleep...just had my dinner and we were still texting each other...i tot he's still in cotabato...wahaha...i was so clueless...haha...not until he texted me to go out and look for a certain star...I didn't go out, I said I was afraid to go out...and so he said, "kahit sabihin kong nasa labas ako???"...I was stupefied,...speechless...hehehe...I rushed outside and found him standing with his new haircut..hehe...ang cute naman ng payat parang fetus xa...hahaha...peace yatz...

Thanx for the surprise...u did succeed!!! hahaha

Thanx for the lasagna from sorrell, tama ba spelling?haha...
sarap tlga ng lasagna nla...sa uulitin ha,,,hehe...

Way to go for our 2nd monthsary yatz...

Happy monthsary ulit..mwahh...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Breaking a Heart...

I made this poem last April 29, 2009 around 8am for only about 10-15 minutes...i was just so emotional during that time that the words just flowed out of my pen relentlessly...

here's the poem...

How can I break his heart?!
He, whom I was waiting for all these times,
The one who showed me that love knows no boundaries
That love can make miracles
That it can sustain a relationship
Even if there’s no personal contact
Even if seas and plains are the gaps between us.

How can I stop a love story still unveiling?
The one that seems so perfect already,
A lover who loves me more than I love him,
A lover, so dedicated to have an eternity with me.

How can I say that I love him?
If I would just end it so soon,
How can I be worthy of someone’s affection,
If I can’t prove that I am deserving of the love the world is giving me.

I love him
But I don’t think it’s that strong
To keep me from losing hold of his grip.

I let go of a great love,
Of a great lover…
How then will I say to myself
That I am still deserving of another love…
Of another lover…
If in the long run…
I have within me, the higher tendency
Of letting go first…

I am so ashamed of myself,
I am so disappointed
That I had to let go
And be a source of pain
To someone so much dear to my heart
To him, who loves me so much
Who never did a thing against my will
Who never made me angry
Nor made me feel even just for a second
That I am not important to him.

How can I let go of him?
He, who has an unquestionable love for me,
Who has been my inspiration and my source of strength
He, who gave me hope for loving again,
He, who saved me from the agony of a broken heart.
He, who gave me the best love story, yet…
How can I be this stupid?!

If only I could control my heart
From the impulse of giving out my “Yes”
Then letting go so soon…
It would be better if I didn’t start it on the first place.
So, there would be no pain…
So, I would not have to hurt myself
And the one who is least deserving
Of a prick of pain --- him.

Ubz 04-29-09
Around 8:00 am…

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nursing Times Articles...

It's been a while since i visited my blog and posted a new entry...so now, let me share to you the articles which are supposedly for the Nursing Times bulletin that we planned to release during our Motorcade last March 4, 2009. Unfortunately, because of the inevitable circumstances, we failed to beat our goal.

I made a total of 4 articles and I asked one article from Ms. Biag, one of the Top 5 of the November 2008 NLE...

Here are the title of the articles:

One news article: SPC Tops NLE Again
Three feature articles:
On Spotlight: SPC's Topnotchers
How to Top the Board Exam by Ms. Biag
Nurses: What would become of us now?
One poem: Tribute to SPC RNs of 2008
(I had already posted this before...u can see this poem on the 'Poems on Nursing' category...)

SPC Tops NLE Again

I made this news article..hmm I think last March 31 or April 1, 2009...again, this was supposedly for the news bulletin that we planned to release during our motorcade...but we failed....hehe...

Here it is...

San Pedro College is exulting as it gained yet again another set of topnotchers from the biannual Nursing Licensure Exam. Alongside with such pride and honor is the outstanding 92% over-all passing rate of SPC making it as the Top 6 among the 11 best performing schools of the November 2008 NLE along with Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation.

803 new RNs of the 39, 455 board passers out of the 88, 649 who took the said exam, last November 29 and 30, 2008 are all products of San Pedro College. Three of which made it to the top, namely Irisa Kriya Turaja Biag, Top 5 (87.4%); Christopher Alvarez Irorita, Top 6 (87.2%) and Francis Gerwin Uy Jalipa, Top 10 (86.4%). No doubt, SPC proved again its name as being a nesting ground for board topnotchers and passers, as well as of being the finest school of nursing in the region and one of the best nursing schools nationwide.

Nonetheless, no matter how rigid the trainings were to the graduates of SPC, still majority of those who took the November 2008 NLE were so much vocal as to the complexity of the exam. “Nadepress dyud ko sa exam kay para kay Jon Erps basic ra daw kaayo pero sa akoa nagsunggo na dyud ko,” said Ms. Irisa Kriya Biag, Top 5 of the November 2008 NLE.

The whole SPC community, especially the Nursing department is one in celebrating the remarkable performance of the SPCians who took the recently concluded board exam. In line with this, the motorcade and thanksgiving celebration for all the board passers and topnotchers of the November 2008 NLE, as well as for all the board passers of the June 2008 NLE is scheduled on March 04, 2009. This day wouldn’t just be a conglomeration of the new nurses of SPC but more so, this would be a get-together of friends and classmates way back in college since it has also been a while when they had been with each other’s company. Hopefully, on that day all the heavens will be one in celebrating the victory of the new RNs of SPC.®

On Spotlight: SPCs Topnotchers

I made this article last March 3, 2009...

Who wouldn’t want to be on TOP? --- Well, in one way or another, we all did think about seeing ourselves unto that pedestal. But, of course not all of us will be hailed with such pride, because if so, then, where’s the prestige in it at all?!

For this year’s November 2008 NLE, SPC had been lucky enough to have three topnotchers among its 803 board passers. Let us not waste more seconds, it’s but the perfect timing for us to get to know a bit more of them.

Lights off. Silence and more deafening sound of silence…

Presenter goes out while the lights dramatically flourished and the music played symphonies of extravagance and flawless emphasis.
(The following are texts written by the three topnotchers on the questions given to them)

Presenter: “Chinita” beauty, unquestionable intelligence, indestructible determination and solid faith in the Supreme Being. Soft yet moving voice like that of an angel speaking from the heavens; chaste and impeccably gifted---These words would not live their meaning, if not for Irisa Kriya Biag, RN, one of the 5th placer of the November 2008 NLE.

Kriya on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: I attended review classes religiously (no absences), reviewed my notes for the day as soon as I get home, and read the text books that were left untouched during college days . I didn’t go to malls unless it's something really important.I also didn't have a night life! (never had one, really..haha) But I did have my much needed R&R every once in a while!
Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam: I didn't really have a ritual like my other friends, but days before the board, I ate only home-cooked meals because I was afraid I would have diarrhea during the actual day of the board exam! But I had cough and colds instead! Tough luck!
Feelings after the board: After Day 1 of the NLE, I was really frustrated and worn out. It was nothing like I expected. I haven't reviewed some of the topics that came out and I wasn't sure of some of my answers so I actually doubted if I would be able to pass. After Day 2, I was just relieved that it was over.
Who told you about the result and what happened after? My friend, Rizza Rivera texted me the result. She told me we both made it! I was really happy that I passed and I wasn’t expecting something more, then my classmate Francis Jalipa texted me and told me that I was one of the 5th placers. I thought he was just joking, so I looked at the site Francis gave me, I saw my name and I just screamed! 
Changes after topping the board: Nothing really changed that much aside from the fact that I am now "officially unemployed"!!!
Frame of mind/inspirational thoughts during review: I really focused hard during review because my 4 years of college somewhat depended on this exam and I didn't want to screw it up. I didn’t really expect to top the board, but I hoped I would, just like everybody else... And during review, I came upon a quotation in one of my friend's notes. It really struck me and served as an encouragement. It said, "If you want it bad enough, then you're gonna give it all you've got..."
Future plans: I'm planning to apply for a job at a local hospital, preferably SPH, and take the other exams like NCLEX, IELTS, etc…

Presenter: A conscientious Christian with great conviction and a character that is congruent to his credence. Commendable for his cheerfulness and calmness amidst cumbersome circumstances. He is clever and competent with a complacent and carefree nature. He is a chivalrous contemplative chap who serves as a catalyst of change to his companions.----That’s Christopher Alvarez Irorita, RN, one of the 6th placers of the November 2008 NLE. (Source: SPARK 2008)

Tope on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: I enrolled in the SPC in-house review, which started on July 2008; however, I haven’t felt the urge to take the review seriously at that time (always late, sometimes absent, and sleeping during the review days). Ooops. It’s as if we don’t have an exam to undertake. I’ve started to read books and reviewers only about a month or two prior the exam date (as usual, even during college days my classmates consider me as one of the master crammer) ^_^. I have also tried answering practice exam questions, which are very helpful in honing one’s ability to eliminate wrong choices.

Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam: I haven’t performed anything new or special prior the exam, I am already fond of listening to music with Christian lyrics and reading the Bible way back my college years. But I spent a day of prayer and meditation as my final preparation for the board exam.

Feelings after the board: I’m quite peaceful actually, no worries with regards to the outcome of the board exam. Although there were a lot of questions in the test that I know that “I do not know the answers,” I just laid down all my anxieties before God and allowed Him to take full control of the outcome.

Who told you about the result and what happened after? My friend called me on the phone and told me that I passed the board exam. I tried browsing the net to see if it was true but there seems to be a problem with the computer so I wasn’t able to see it for myself. It was about an hour later that another friend of mine told me that I was able to top the Licensure exam, which I doubt at first, but it was indeed confirmed when I searched the internet. And after that, my phone screen registered “No space for new messages.” ^_^

Changes after topping the board: Not much, I’m still the same Tope that my friends once knew. I guess the major change that really happened is the people’s reaction towards me for the first few weeks after the result of the NLE.

Frame of mind/inspirational thought during review: But seek first his kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Mat 6:33). Put God first as your main priority in Life and everything will follow. ^_^

Future plans: I have a commitment before God that I’m going to serve Him in this place for about two years or so. After that, I still have no plans; it would depend where He will lead me.


Presenter: One single glance and it’s as if nothing happened, yet this “Ordinary Joe” image that he represents hides a priceless treasure within: a human brain that you wouldn’t even imagine to be of mortals at all. Innately blessed with a humongous and brilliant mind that will leave your jaw dropping and your tongue drooling out of amazement…He might be small, yet he can be the biggest man on earth---Francis Gerwin Jalipa, RN, one of the 10th placers of the November 2008 NLE.

Weng on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: Wla nagpuyat during review... studied for maximum of 2 hrs almost every nyt... natulog kng gkapoy na og nag unwind pud kng kailangan.

Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam:
Before exam: nagpa pray over... always prayed everyday even before the review started... mga 2 days before the exam, gibisita ang testing area, nag laag og nagtan-aw cne og wla nagpuyat. hehe
During exam: Pray, nagkaon during breaks and gcheck ang seat, test papers, applic # para dli matechnical. hehe

Feelings after the board:
Very happy k2ng nahibal-an naq na pasa q pero dli makatuo na natop 10 pa q... mura gyud atik og binuang

Success story:
First, nagtawag ang merge na top 10 daw q tapos dli gyud q katuo, mura q gibinuangan. hehe. Den ngtxt mga ci's na nagcongratulate.. Doubtful gehapon q og nituo naq partially k2ng nakit-an naq sa net aqng name. hehe. Nakabalo aqng parents den relatives og happy kaau cla.

Frame of mind/inspirational thought during review: Equal ta tanan sa pagtake og board exam... It doesnt mean na kng honor student ka pagraduate, sure na pasado ka sa board and it also doesn’t mean na kung dli ka honor student, dili ka matopnotcher.

Future plans: Magproceed sa medicine krong June.

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen…
Our topnotchers of last November’s NLE…
For now, the pressure is on for the next batch of examinees…
We are hoping to see more board passers and topnotchers soon…
This has been your host, wishing you a pleasant day and sending praises to all of you…


I would like to thank Irisa Kriya Biag, RN, Christopher Irorita, RN and Jerwin Jalipa, RN for taking time to answer the questions that I asked them via Friendster...hehehe...

This article wouldn't be possible without them...besides, this is all about them...hahaha...

Thank You again...and congratulations...;-)

How to Top the Board...

This article is written by Irisa Kriya Biag, RN...

I think that there’s really no sure way to top the board exam. I, myself, even doubted whether I would be able to pass it at all! As I like to say, we don’t expect that we would top the board exam, but we all hoped for it…

I really don’t know how to go about this topic, so instead, I will just share my thoughts…

In this competitive world, I believe that “sacrifice” is the name of the game. As someone once said, “In life, we don’t always get what we want or what we need, we get what we deserve.” We have to work hard for what we want and prove ourselves worthy of having that license. If it means missing a night out with friends for a project, spending extra time at the library to research or depriving yourself a couple of hours sleep just to finish a case study, then why not? These are just small sacrifices compared to what our parents had to go through just to provide us money for our tuition. All of these difficulties will just be an ant bite once you find your name on the passers’ list (more so if it’s in the list of topnotchers) and see the joy and pride in your parents’ faces.

As what our clinical instructor, Dr. Cherry Alalong, told us during our college years, preparation for the board exam doesn’t start during review season, nor does it start during our 4th year when NLE seems to be so close (more like an impending threat!)… Preparation for the NLE starts during the first day we set foot in our school to study Nursing… When I came to SPC, I really worked hard and did the best I could in every subject that we had because I didn’t want to have to look back knowing that I could have done a much better job. But still, human as I am, I still had few regrets… wishing I could have paid more attention to this lesson and taken the initiative to find out more about this particular topic… But my point really is that, we should all take each day as a chance to learn new things, discover whole new experiences, and gather invaluable lessons and virtues… Take as much as we can! All of which will help us become a better professional and a better nurse…

And aside from the 4 years of good nursing education in SPC, here are some random things on how I prepared for the Nurses’ Licensure Exam after graduation, and surprisingly became one of the 5th placers .

A couple of months before the review, I avoided eating junk food and munched on healthier treats, like fruits and vegetables to detoxify my body! I also listened to classical music to help me relax.

During review, I attended the classes religiously, not missing any session no matter how tired I was or how tedious it was to listen to a particular topic (sacrifice!). I also reviewed my notes once I got home (repetition aids retention!). But it was not “all work and no play”, because I also took my time to rest and relax (give your brain a break!) I ate only home-cooked meals because I was afraid I’d have diarrhea on the day of the board exam. And to make sure, I took antidiarrhea medications, just in case!

The night before the board exam, I prepared everything I needed: my uniform, the necessary documents, my pencils and sharpener, etc. so I wouldn’t forget anything the following morning.
And lastly, I prayed. I did not ask Heavenly Father to make me a topnotcher. I just asked Him to help me do my best in the board exam. I prayed that I will be able to think clearly. I prayed that I would be able to remember the things that I have learned. I prayed that I would be able to arrive at the testing center safely and I prayed for Heavenly Father comfort me and take away my jitters.

Nurses: What would become of us now?

I made this article last March 3, 2009...

I passed! I passed! --- You screamed!
Then, your inner voice went unto the scene and exclaimed, “And so?!”

Indeed, your conscience has the right to stress on that reality. Few days ago, 39, 455 new nurses were born. But looking forward, will this be 39,455 new unemployed Juan and Maria Dela Cruz? Which is which?

The answer??...Hmmm…Of course, lies on you dear nurses. Whether you are that aggressive and itchy enough for exposure or you prefer to stay dormant for sometime and just stay home watching over your baby sisters, herding the ducks or cutting orchids on your hacienda----it’s really your prerogative!

Well, just in case you are still confused like many other nurses out there as to where they will be heading now, I have here a short list with supporting details of some options that you can consider this crucial time of decision making.

It is indeed very crucial, because a moment delayed will certainly be a split second wasted, more so with this ever-becoming-complicated world and with the undeniable exponential growth of the population of nurses worldwide---The competition gets tougher as the clock ticks faster!

The following are just some of the many options you can go for, now that you are a nurse, but considering the scarcity of pages here, let me just present those which ring the bell louder (on random order).

1. Go for trainings and seminars

The trend of application in the hospitals isn’t new to us already, not unless you
were just born today. With the big number of nurses vying for a slot in the hospital, you are lucky enough if you have a backer, as they say. Well, we all know how things work these modern times. Moreover, I am not referring solely about hospital trainings here. You can also have Basic Life Support Training handled by Red Cross for a vey reasonable price of 800php . Also, you can volunteer at Davao’s 911 or avail of their training, as well.
Furthermore, PNA has been giving seminars lately and they still have schedules for future talks given, of course by credible speakers on this field. Just last February 28 they had seminar on Physical Assessment. The next will be on March 28, and it would be all about Diabetes Mellitus.

2. Private Duty Nurse

The fastest way to be under this field will be by virtue of common friends. If a friend of yours happens to have a relative who is in need of your nursing care, then, it’ll start there. But wait there’s more, you can also apply to be a PDN on the hospital, but I just doubt if the demand for it is enough with the ratio of the number of unemployed nurses and the number of patients who can afford to pay for it or is in need for a PDN.


NARS is a Training cum Employment Project, jointly implemented by the
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Department of Health (DOH) and the Professional Regulation Commission, Board of Nursing (PRC-BON), designed to mobilize unemployed registered nurses to the 1,000 poorest municipalities of the country to improve the delivery of health care services. (Source: http://bonphilippines.org/)

The nurses will undergo a six-month training in public health services in the provinces where they will be able to do clinical practice under the supervision of participating hospitals and other medical facilities. Each of them will receive an allowance of P8,000. (Source: philstar.com)

However, Jackson Gan, vice-president of the Federated Association of Manpower Exporters said the government’s Nurses Assigned in Rural Areas (NARS) program might be laudable in giving Filipino nurses the job experience they need but hospitals abroad require nurses to have training in specialty areas that are only available in urban hospitals. (Source: gmanews.tv)


If you are that financially stable and supported, this option would really be a big
hit for you. I said so since taking these exams and reviewing for it, as well as processing the needed papers really cost a lot. A friend of mine, Ms. Aprilyn Sulit, RN paid around 35, 000 just for the faster processing of her papers for NCLEX, wherein after a month you can already have your Authorization to Test (ATT). Taking and passing these exams the earliest time possible can give you the benefit of not worrying about it later and gives you a faster chance to go and work abroad.

NCLEX (National Council Licensure EXamination) is an examination for the licensing of nurses developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) in the United States.(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCLEX)

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication. (Source: http://www.ielts.org/)

CGFNS International (formerly the Commission on Graduates of
Foreign Nursing Schools) is an internationally recognized authority
on credentials evaluation and verification pertaining to the education,
registration and licensure of nurses and health care professionals
worldwide. (Source: http://www.cgfns.org/)

5. Work for that additional title after your name: MAN, MN, etc

Taking post-graduate studies means that you will be here in the Philippines for
about two years working on your title. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that for two years or so, you will devote your time entirely on this matter. Post-graduate classes are usually scheduled on weekends so as not to intrude with the schedule of the students during weekdays. Of course, you can work, review for NCLEX and study for your Masters Degree all together. But, you can choose not to, unless you are really obliged and pressured to do so.

Holders of this degree have a higher monetary compensation compared to those who don’t, needless to say the pride which is present with the additional two or three letters after your name. Try to practice reading your name aloud with such title, and maybe…Just maybe, you’ll be motivated to enroll the soonest time possible.

6. Review Assistant (RA)

If you envision yourself as a reviewer one day, yet you are not that confident this
time, then, being a review assistant can be a stepping stone for your primary goal. However, it is not synonymous to saying that all RAs share the same aspiration which is becoming a reviewer in time. There are of course those who just love to be on this job. Why not? According to reliable sources, RAs are being compensated more compared to nurses working in the hospital as a regular employee.

But what are the tasks of RAs? Literally speaking, they are the assistants of the reviewers. They will be the ones who will fetch the review experts from their hotel towards the review center; they will find the place for them to eat (they can avail the free food, of course); they will serve as the tour guide of the reviewers, since most of them are from Luzon and they will be the ones who will check the attendance, prepare the papers for the exams, prepare the venue for the review, and all those similar things.

7. Review Experts

Do you want to earn at least 1200php/hour? Then, being a reviewer is the job for
you. But, the question is: Do you have what it takes to be one?

You had witnessed how these review experts do their thing; so for sure, you have even just the slightest idea as to how tough it is to be on their podium. Stock knowledge isn’t enough to qualify you for this job. You need enough preparation for it, but of course, that depends as to when you had started your preparation. Well, if you had started since first year college, then, go --- you are very much prepared already; and you know what I meant by that.

8. Clinical Instructors

Looking back to your college days, if you had dreamt of being a CI that time,
then, now is your chance to actualize that fantasy. School year 2009-2010 is fast approaching, so the demand of the school for new CIs are not that questionable already. Provided of course that you meet the requirements that they need and you’ll pass the exams and interviews along the way.

Days or months from now, you can be just a step away from being colleagues with your once upon a time clinical instructors. You will be in the classroom again, but this time not as a student. You can now experience being on the shoes of your CIs every time you came in late before, had overload or underload on your IVs, had a mistaken entry on your chartings, gave the wrong medication to your patient, went on with your case presentation unprepared, talked about your topic on your seminars with the least preparation, and all of those naughtiness and flaws of being a student. And if you’re lucky enough, you can say, “I’ve got 75, I’ve got scolded --- but see I’ve learned.”


You can opt for one or more of these choices all at once, but what matters most is you don’t get stagnated and unproductive. The heart of the matter is productivity.

Time is of the essence…
So, let’s get started.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Birthday Poem

Today's March 15...and yes--it's my birthday...So, I just want to share my thoughts with you guys now that I've just turned a year older again...hahay...hehehe...

And actually, this is my first bday poem ever...hahaha...

Here it is...

I am 23 y.o.
…and still counting
I love that it’s my birthday
And that I’ve lived to be 23…
But, I hate the fact that
I had to add a year to my age.

I can’t help to be stuck
With the reality that I am aging
And this is just whom I become
I am not that fulfilled
Being this old
Yet with credits not enough for my age
I know deep within my heart that…
I could have done better
Being 23 years OLD!

Of course, I had my share
Of being at the limelight
Last year, I graduated
Magna Cum Laude
At our beloved SPC…
And just recently,
I passed the Nursing Board Exam
But still, I am half-unfulfilled
Because I had to earn
Such recognition and title
When I was already 22.

If you will see it
I think there’s no problem with that
Indeed, there isn’t
I am just that affected by the timing.
And we can’t just change that.

Now, I am in a rush for life
It somehow left me along the way
That is why I have to work harder this time
So, I can exceed my expectations
And gain additional faith and confidence
With myself again.

I have always been ambitious...
I believe the world is such a big place
To find and realize just a single dream.
At some point in our lives
We also had a taste of success
Of a dream come true
Yet, we should not stop there
As we say it in campus journalism,
“We are as good as our last article…”

We must keep on evolving
Carry on on doing things
Dream on another dream…
Climb more mountains
Conquer a new world
Learn more and share what you’ve got to offer.
A friend of mine said to me,
“Hope springs eternal…” (which I later found out that it’s from Alexander Pope)
Then, I said to him,
Yet, life is short.
Maybe you don’t want to reach your hopes and dreams
----in heaven.

As of now
I am preoccupied with success and more successes
And somehow, I am confused as to where to start
What to do first and then ask if it is really right to do it first…
And who doesn’t want to have the best out of his decision?
Well, I believe the key towards that is “Focus.”
I, personally don’t want to be a Jack of all trades
And a master of none…

I want to accomplish a lot of things,
The earliest time possible.
I want to reach the point in my life
Where I can say by heart that money can’t really buy everything…
I can say it this time,
Yet the credibility of my words would still be questionable
For how can I say it so with full honesty,
If I haven’t yet experienced and possessed the things that money can give?

I just hope that in time…
I’ll be in touch with all my dreams
And that I can just be contented.
Then, I can truly say---
I had lived my life.

God knows on what age it will be.
But, one thing I am sure about---
It will come.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tribute to SPC RNs of 2008

***First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my fellow SPCians who passed the November 2008 NLE...This poem is for all of them...Or should I say, for all of us...Kasali ako xmpre....hehe...

Breathe now new nurses
Pace no more from cramming
Mind not of deadlines
Case studies and duties
Those were the days already
Now treat yourself and take a rest
Enjoy the banquet of the day
Seize the flavor of victory
Savor the heat and zest of it
While it is still tasty ---
While it’s still hot, sumptuous and fresh.

Rejoice now dear nurses
You’ve waited long enough for this day
For years you had trudged and scampered
To earn your diploma and slid on your toga
For months you had drowned yourself
With piles of nursing books and notes
Burning each midnight candle
‘Till its last brightest spark
Then, lighting another one again
All for the sake of glory…
For the joy and pride of passing the board.

Alas! You did it already.
Your efforts had been paid off
Every stroke of your pen
And shading of your pencil
All drew the present masterpiece
Of seeing your name written on the passers’ list.
Your prayers had been answered
He had spoken ---
Behold, it’s your luck this time
Waste nothing of such favor
And live each day
Being worthy of such gift.
You’ve prayed and cried hard enough for this
Now’s the time to mean what you’ve said
Prove the credibility of your words
And test the limits of your promises.

You’re a picture of a happy face
Gone were the frown lines
The heavy look in your eyes
And wrinkled areas on your foreheads
Your loved ones share with your joys
They are as proud and jubilant as you are
Be thankful for them
They sustained the fire of your passion
That led you towards one finish line
Of your still countless
Race tracks and pathways
On your peregrination towards
The better life that they say.

You’ve gone a long way now
From being a freshman
Towards being a fresh nurse
You might had topped and rocked the board
Yet your calling exceeds than that
You are an angel in the sick room
And are bound to live such name
From the borders of the rural areas
To the proximity of the foreign lands
Regardless of the distance
And the dangers ahead in such domain
The heart of a nurse continues to beat
On the hub of your totality
The heart of a full-blooded SPCian
Persists to nurture every part of you
So as no matter where you go
Apart from which field of interest you choose
The strong and winning spirit of SPC
Will always live within you.

Carry on dear nurses…
Welcome to the real world…
You had rocked the board exam---
This time, it’s your chance to rock the world.