Friday, February 27, 2009

Tribute to SPC RNs of 2008

***First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my fellow SPCians who passed the November 2008 NLE...This poem is for all of them...Or should I say, for all of us...Kasali ako xmpre....hehe...

Breathe now new nurses
Pace no more from cramming
Mind not of deadlines
Case studies and duties
Those were the days already
Now treat yourself and take a rest
Enjoy the banquet of the day
Seize the flavor of victory
Savor the heat and zest of it
While it is still tasty ---
While it’s still hot, sumptuous and fresh.

Rejoice now dear nurses
You’ve waited long enough for this day
For years you had trudged and scampered
To earn your diploma and slid on your toga
For months you had drowned yourself
With piles of nursing books and notes
Burning each midnight candle
‘Till its last brightest spark
Then, lighting another one again
All for the sake of glory…
For the joy and pride of passing the board.

Alas! You did it already.
Your efforts had been paid off
Every stroke of your pen
And shading of your pencil
All drew the present masterpiece
Of seeing your name written on the passers’ list.
Your prayers had been answered
He had spoken ---
Behold, it’s your luck this time
Waste nothing of such favor
And live each day
Being worthy of such gift.
You’ve prayed and cried hard enough for this
Now’s the time to mean what you’ve said
Prove the credibility of your words
And test the limits of your promises.

You’re a picture of a happy face
Gone were the frown lines
The heavy look in your eyes
And wrinkled areas on your foreheads
Your loved ones share with your joys
They are as proud and jubilant as you are
Be thankful for them
They sustained the fire of your passion
That led you towards one finish line
Of your still countless
Race tracks and pathways
On your peregrination towards
The better life that they say.

You’ve gone a long way now
From being a freshman
Towards being a fresh nurse
You might had topped and rocked the board
Yet your calling exceeds than that
You are an angel in the sick room
And are bound to live such name
From the borders of the rural areas
To the proximity of the foreign lands
Regardless of the distance
And the dangers ahead in such domain
The heart of a nurse continues to beat
On the hub of your totality
The heart of a full-blooded SPCian
Persists to nurture every part of you
So as no matter where you go
Apart from which field of interest you choose
The strong and winning spirit of SPC
Will always live within you.

Carry on dear nurses…
Welcome to the real world…
You had rocked the board exam---
This time, it’s your chance to rock the world.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

November 2008 NLE Topnotchers


1) Jovie Ann Alawas Decoyna of Baguio Central University, 89 percent

2) John Patrick Morales Dimarucot , Central Luzon Doctor's Hospital Educational Institute, 88.40%

3) Gian Karlo Timog Cusi, Baguio Central University 88%; Erycar Del Mundo Manaois-Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, 88%

4) Florina Conde Corpuz, Saint Dominic Savio College 87.60%; Angelica Aubrey Pantig Morla, Far Eastern University Manila 87.60%; and Jamie Anne Tolentino Tinio, Angeles University Foundation 87.60%

5) Roberto Madrona Asuncion, Arellano University, Pasay City, 87.40; Irisa Kriya Turaja Biag, San Pedro College, Davao City, 87.40; Miguela Macuto Gabisan, Cebu Normal University, 87.40%; Edita Te Lim-Arriesgado College Foundation, Inc, 87.40%; Rosario Lei Mosqueda Pasimio, Xavier University, 87.40%; and Elaine Grace Esperancilla Praile
Saint Paul University, Iloilo 87.4%; Catherine Duran Reyes, Our Lady of Fatima College QC, 87.4%

6) Geronimo Carillo Burce Jr., Mabini College, 87.20%; Joanna Mae Francisco Evangelista, San Beda College, 87.20%; Christopher Alvarez Irorita, San Pedro College, Davao City, 87.20%, Paul Delfin Reyes Jamero, Father Saturnino Urios University (Urios College), 87.20%; Hazel Joy Amarillo Jimenez, University of Batangas, 87.20%; Ma. Concepcion Ashley Delizo Mapagu, Saint Louis University, 87.20%; Maria Cecilia Castillo Navata, Canossa College, 87.20%; Francis Ian Sabanal Pascual, Universidad de Zamboanga (ZAEC), 87.20%; and George Garcia Vega Jr., University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao, 87.20%

7)Katrina Andrea Pagdanganan Arceo, Nueva Ecija College, 87.00%; Rose Jean Dumaboc Capidlac, Silliman University, 87.00; Carla Mae Tenorio Cuisia, Silliman University, 87.00; Mary Ann Alvarez Garing, Lyceum of Batangas, 87.00; Ma. Joya Jimenea Genzola, Colegio de San Agustin, Bacolod City, 87.00%; and Rose Anne Miranda Mungcal, Angeles University Foundation, 87.00%; Pretzel Estremos Vicencio, (Butuan Doctors College (Butuan Dr. HSP. Sch. of Nursing), 87.00%; and Faye Stephanie Yao Yu, Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation, 87.00%

8) Lylani Mutya Balote, University of Makati, 86.80; Jamaicca Rabulan Banting, Davao Doctors College, Inc., 86.80%; Garey Jay Avelino Delfin, Iloilo Doctors’ College, 86.80%; Josephine Celoso Elvas, 86.80%; Vanito Diocson Ilanga Jr., Sultan Kudarat Educational Institution, 86.80%; Maria Edna Charise Godoy Java, Misamis University, Ozamiz City, 86.80%; Hannah Lee Alde Padilla, University of San Agustin, 86.80%; Bryan Morella Peralta, Univesity of Makati, 86.80%; and Robinson Uy Kaw Sing, Iloilo Doctors’ College, 86.80%

9) Maria Jurem Quilar Alcarde, Central Philippine University, 86.60%; Ruel Bobadilla Arzadon, Saint Louis University, 86.60%; Karina Genciane Banayat, Our Lady of Fatima College, Quezon City, 86.60%; Ryan Daniel Rivera Dablo, University of San Carlos, 86.60%; Matthew Wayne Real Chang, Silliman University, 86.60%; Fritzie Quiatzon Dela Raga, Fellowhip Baptist College, 86.60%; Hiromi Balaguer Fernandez, Saint Paul University, Iloilo, 86.60%; Josephine Franz Pagulayan Gammad, Saint Paul University, Tuguegarao, 86.60%; Paul Fabian Robosa Gumabao, Arellano University, Manila, 86.60%; Maila Carl Majam Morantte, Colegio De Sta. Lourdes of Leyte Foundation Inc., 86.60%; Michael Dorothy Frances Gaer Montojo, Ateneo de Davao University, 86.60%; Cindy Mae Alvarez Nañoz, Ateneo de Zamboanga, 86.60%; Glenda Mae Macapal Omaña, Riverside College, 86.60%; Rhea Jhoy Padinay Pantaleon, Saint Louis University, 86.60%; Rolly Mendoza Policarpio, Angeles University Foundation, 86.60%; Arlette Castillo Quinan, University of St. Louis, Tuguegarao, 86.60%; Crystal Mae Abejuela Sabela, Xavier University, 86.60%; Katrina Isabel Hugo Santos, Philippine Women’s University, Quezon City, 86.60%; and Shiella Marie Gamboa Simplina, Saint Louis University, 86.60%

10) James Altura Baguio, Saint Mary’s University, 86.40%; Miljoyce Daligdig Cabat, Lyceum Northwestern, 86.40%; Sarah Mae Clemente Capulong, Angeles University Foundation, 86.40%; Johcy Angeleme Fausto De La Fuente, Central Philippine University, 86.40; Renante Lazarte Dig-Aoan, Baguio Central University, 86.40%; Jake Desor Diputado, Silliman University, 86.40%; Marjory Boquia Emperio, Misamis University , Ozamiz City, 86.40%, Marissa Raposas Ferrer, Lyceum Northwestern, 86.40%; Erika Bautista Galang, Central Luzon Doctor’s Hospital Educational Institute, 86.40%; Francis Gerwin Uy Jalipa, San Pedro College, Davao City, 86.40%; Angela Gilda Baltazar Mencias, Unciano Colleges & General Hospital, Manila, 86.40%; Carina Yabut Pacete, Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela, 86.40%; Joy Jenelynn Chua Tan, University of Sto. Tomas, 86.40%; Francis Dollente Villanueva, Saint Paul University, Tuguegarao, 86.40%


From and

39,455 Passed the November 2008 Nursing Board Examinations by the Professional Regulation Commission. That’s 44.51% out of 88,649 examinees that took the November 2008 Nursing Board have passed, the Professional Regulatory Commission has announced.

Here are the complete list of names:

November 2008 Nursing Licensure Exam Result


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RNs to be: Anxiously Waiting

***To all the future RNs out there...I know u can empathize with this entry...hehehe...

A lot has been said
As to when will it be…

It was still October
When they said it’ll be December

December came
And they said January…

Then, January came,
And of course,
You’re right!
They said, February…

But again, we asked..
When will it really be?

First week came,
And they said by the 2nd week

2nd week came,
And they said by the 3rd week

Then, the cycle continues…

Yet, again when will it really be?

It’s been two months and a half
Of fretful nights…
Of wishful thinking..
Prayerful days…Good deeds…
And tedious waiting…

But still,
When will it really be?

9 churches had been visited
9 mornings were completed
Eggs had been offered
All Saints had been called
Finished a two or three Novenas
Lighted a candle in different places…

When will it really be?

We’ve grown tired and weary
More anxious and unsteady

Each day we ask and wonder
When will it really be?

Will it be worth the wait?
Or should we wish…
We haven’t known the result…

Should we prepare a party of our own?
Or just attend those of our peers?

Should we bring out our pigs?
Or just let them grow bigger for next season?

Should we be ready for the oath taking?
Or be back again in the review center?

Should we want to go out still after we’ve known the outcome of our exam?
Or should we prefer to be at home and settle for self-pity and depression?

Should we be ready to cry out of joy?
Or just set ourselves for tears of dejection?

Should we see our names in front of our school?
Or just find ourselves imagining and wishing for it?

Days from now
We will finally see it…

Will it be the fruit that we’ve been dying to reap?
Or will it be a rotten harvest from wasted time and efforts?

Will we be a subject of ridicule or the star of the day?

Will we be RNs or still RNs to be?

One, two or three days from now…
We will be on face with reality…

We’re just hoping
It would be the reality
We’ve been dreaming of
And praying for since then…

We all know we’ve done our part…
And played it well…

So, whatever comes…
Just let it rain…

But, as for now
We are holding on to our faith…
We remain positive and hopeful…

Deep inside
Our hearts rumble and mumble…

Grant us those licenses…
Make us pass and top the board exam!

Kudos RNs!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


ubz in LOVE

I am indeed in LOVE...but, literally speaking I, together with my three friends are really in LOVE...

We did not waste the opportunity to take some pictures at the BIG LOVE icon at The Atrium in Gaisano Mall...It was really eye-catching...People were really falling in line that time when we took these pics...hehe...What more today...It's Valentine's Day already...hehe

What are you waiting for???hehe...


Patrick, Api, Ubz

kami na naman...^^


(background ang crowd)

Again...kami na naman...hehe
(Booths sa likod)

cute ng bears sa likod...hehe




Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Villains' Time

**This is the third poem among the three...hehe...It's now 5am of Feb 14...

Valentine’s Day
What a perfect time
For the villains
To go out of their cocoons
Fly out to the city
And catch another set
Of captives
To gain added attention
From the peaceful populace.

It’s been four years from now
When bodies were left lifeless
And scattered throughout the place
As the bomb exploded at three separate places
Of Gensan, Davao and Ayala Avenue, Makati.

It’s been four years from now
When those innocent victims
Enjoyed their Valentine
And spent their day with the comfort
Of their loved ones and lovers,
Not knowing that it would be their last.

Today’s another day
Of the celebration of love
For certain we will go out
And experience the love energy
Filling in the free air of the city.

Yet we must be extra careful
Because we can never be certain
With what is to come about
With what these ruthless criminals
Are planning once again
If ever they have…
But hopefully, they would spare
This day and the days to come
That there will be peace in this land
And we will fret no more of bombings and dying.

This February 14…

Let’s all be one in praying
That it wouldn’t be
A Happy Villains’ Time
In this supposedly
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Queer Valentine

***This poem is obviously about same sex loving relationship...
**I made this after will you be my valentine...

Valentine to Valentine
Adam to Steve
Love has never been this good
‘Till I’ve experienced you and me.

Valentine to Valentine
No matter how taboo it is
If love should just fail from bitter eyes
Then, what’s the use of love at all?

Valentine to Valentine
Open your eyes and see the new world
Love is not exclusive for xy and xx
For Maria Clara and Simon Ibarra.

Valentine to Valentine
Accept the fact that we are growing
More and more are spreading their wings
Accepting their real identities
Streaming themselves in the open city
And loving someone of their same feathers.

Valentine to Valentine
Stop raising your eyebrows
And just accept us all
You can join us if you want
Besides, the more, the merrier it will be.

Valentine to Valentine
Six to Nine
Hardcore to bareback
The pleasure is just unstoppable
The freedom becomes more intense
Yet dying becomes a closer reality
And sinning becomes more accessible.

Valentine to Valentine
No matter how polygamous it is
Still, a lot is interested
For this queer and blissful relationship.

Valentine to Valentine
Still human to human
Only with animalistic desires
Yet with heavenly affection.

Valentine to Valentine
The New Age has come
Gone were the days
Of Jack and Jill
And Romeo and Juliet
For this time,
The world at large
Is breeding out these
Inexorable sexual genre.

Valentine to Valentine...

Adam to Steve
Love will never be that good
‘Till you experience you and him.

Will You Be My Valentine

***I was able to make three short poems starting's already 4:45am now of February 14...And so I am posting these poems already...hehe...

**I made this first...I just can't sleep until I can come up of a poem..and it turned out to be poemSSS...hehe...

My nights are filled with longings
Your eyes I yearn to see
I can’t wait but wish for sunrise
And see you rise in spotlight.

I wake up every morning
With thoughts of you again
I can’t wait once more for sunset
And see you in my dreams.

How I wish we could be together
And spend quality time as one
But, you just seem so far away
Though we’re just a feet apart.

I am tired of being coward
So sick of feeling deprived
This time I have to stand up
Speak up for my heart
And cry it out
Fight over my timidity
And simply say the words
With the hope that it would really be---
A Happy Valentine for you and me.

You’re all I ever wanted
Oh how I wish you could be mine
So now, I have to ask you,...

Will you be my Valentine?

Pretty Face

***I made this poem by request...hehe...A good friend of mine asked me to write a poem for his object of affection who happens to be connected with me, as well...Since, it will be VDay tomorrow...and Love is overflowing in the air...I gave in to his request...hehe...

**He also decided for the title...he said "Pretty Face"..and so his wish was granted again...hehe

T’was a sunny day
When I saw your face
Your brilliance exudes
Like the unstoppable sun beams
Your porcelain-like skin shines
As the sunlight kisses it
And reveal the brightest
Form of your external
So mesmerizing…
So YOU---
Simply beautiful and true.

T’was a moonlit evening
When your thoughts crossed my mind
I see your eyes in the sky
Sparkling like stars in the night
Oh I can’t help
But stare at the heavens
While wishing you were with me
In the coldness of the night
Then, I wouldn’t dream for more
Of a beauty than that in front of me
That of yours…
And yours alone.

T’was a rainy afternoon
When I can’t help but fret about you
Wishing I was with you
To wipe away each rain drop
Running down on your face
To offer my umbrella
And accompany you through the rain
Then, each time rain comes drizzling once again
I wouldn’t mind it pestering me
All I’ll think about is you
And the time you were with me.

This Valentine
All I dream about is you
Hoping that my fantasies
Of your face
Your voice, your presence
And your acceptance of me in your life
Would just be a step away
Then, I wouldn’t mind taking
Such step
For me to get closer to you
But if not,
Then, still
I wouldn’t give up
In taking one step at a time
Just to get near you…
And have you even just for a day...
A day full of you and me
Full of beauty and affection
Full of magical moments
Starlights, sunburts,
Fireworks in the sky and the like…
A day not that of any ordinary day
A day of a hopeful beginning
Of an eternity with you.
A day of the realization
Of a once upon a time
Just a fantasy of mine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ode on Love

***Hello friends, I have another poem to share with you. I made this early this morning of February 11, 2009 and finished it just before lunch, moments after I woke up. As usual, I had fallen asleep that's why I failed to finish it earlier.

**I was sobbing while I made this poem, I really felt each word striking my heart every time I type it on my keyboard.

*This poem is, of course, dedicated to my one and only honey...I am so blessed of having him and I won't be tired of saying that every now and then...

Here is the poem:

As I sit and think of him
I just can’t help but cry
And cry harder
I can’t manage to stop the flow of tears
Raging down my eyes
Coming with a strong pour
And with a powerful pull
Of gravity
That causes the tears
To fall effortlessly
Out of my body
Exclaiming the intense
Emotional milestone
That I feel from within.

As I recollect his words
And compile them in my thoughts
As I rekindle the softness of his voice
Clinging into my ears
Telling me of how much he loves me
How much he cares and respects me…
As I recall all my heartaches before
All the fucking assholes
Who had hurt and left me
In the solace of the night.

As I rewind his words playing in my mind
Telling me of how important
I am in his life
And how thankful he is of having me
As I sense his voice again
With its mellow and sweet tone
Telling me that I am just his
And he is just mine
Proclaiming his future plans for both of us
Sharing his life experiences
And how he loves to be with me
And see eternity in each other’s eyes.

As I think of all the tears I’ve shed
For people so undeserving
Of every tear drop on my eyes
As I remember all the pains I’ve endured
For the wrong person
For the wrong cause
And the wrong battle…

Oh how I wish I had saved every tear
That I’d lose for them
And shed it all
For him, instead
But not as tears of pain
Not as tears coming
From a damaged heart
And a wrecked soul
But more so,
As tears of joy
As tears of being so thankful
As tears coming from
The depth of my joyful heart
And ecstatic spirit.

My tears would have not cried
That I cried them out of my eyes
That soon…

And just for an unworthy cause.

If only,
Each of my tear drops has its voice
To tell me when to release it
And when not to
I won’t have a single precious tear

There are lots of things
I am thankful for
I thank the internet
For it links us together
I thank friendster
For without it
I might not have him now
I thank the cell phones
For it connects us all the time
I thank the modern world
For it made the impossible possible
And finally,
I thank God
For giving me the love of my life
The moment where I least expect it
And the time when I needed it the most.

Love really moves
In mysterious ways
And I am so blessed
That someone solved the mystery
And lead him towards finding me.

But we know that
There are still a lot of mysteries of love
Yet to unfold
More mysteries that could test
The strength of our love for each other
More trials that could
Make or break our hopes and dreams
For one another.

Now that we have each other.
We, as lovers
Who vowed for a love
To live to infinity
Will always stick by our promise
To protect our relationship
And tread on the treacherous trails
Of lovers
With our guns and bullets
To kill temptations before
They even reach
The proximity towards us.

We are fully geared to enter
On the open battlefield
Of a loving relationship
With fidelity as our armor
Trust as our the bullet
Respect as our gun
And love as the grenade
That could annihilate
All the villains
Tempting to threaten and destroy
The solidity of our vows
And the power of our love.
We, as partners
Will totally be invincible.
And they can’t change that.
Even with their strongest shot.

They can shoot,
But they’ll just miss their target
They can strike,
But they’ll just waste their effort
And they can try,
But they’ll just be forever trying.

We both love each other
And with our love
We can see both sides of the rainbow
And enjoy the feel of it
Every after rainfall.

We both love each other
And with our love
We can see both ends of the tunnel
And thus,
We can feel the darkness for sometime
Yet, together we can find our way out
And see our light once again.

We both love each other
And with our love,
We can have the best of both worlds
The world of loving someone
And the world of being loved.

It never fails---
To love and be loved in return
Are just the two best exaltations of living.
Force it and it’ll break
Find it and it’ll hide
Chase it,
And the more it’ll evade from your grasp.
But, just sit and don't even think of it
And it’ll come and change your life.

Be patient
Have faith
Don’t lock yourself away
Open your arms for an embrace
Free yourself from the chains of your bitter past
Whatever might come along your way,
Just don’t stop the fire of love burning
From within
In time,
You’ll have what you deserve
Just don’t give up on love,
And it will not give up on you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet February

***Hi my friends, I am here once again with another poem. I started this at around 10 in the evening yesterday, February 8, 2009. However, I didn't finish it, since the person responsible for this poem called me up and so we talked until 3 in the morning. Then, I continued on writing this, but again I failed to end it since I had fallen asleep moments after...hehe...I finished this poem when I woke up at around 1pm.

**This is dedicated to my honey...and I wanna share it with all of you, as well.

“Not too fast”
--- I say
To anyone
Asking me
Of my hands,
Of my sweet YES
To the question
That I’ve been
Waiting for
Since the day
I’ve finally
That my world
With my EX was already

Sitting alone
In the corner of my
Ever-depressive room
My mind travels
From Peru to Cebu
Thinking hard
Feeling it deeply
Within the depth
Of my hypothalamus
Afraid to take a risk
Hesitant to give it a try
Then, just be left again
With nothing
But a broken heart
And a shattered soul.

But then,
The surge of adrenaline
Free-flowing within me
Sustained the momentum
And paved the way for me to give in
Exposing myself
To what seems to be another threat
To my freshly recovered
Injured heart.

Moments after
The idea of pain
And the feel of it
Gently faded into the background
The love hormones are back again
Feeding each cell of my body
With a positive and ecstatic sensation
Nurturing every aspect
Of my heart and brain
With hormones responsible
For the cardinal symptoms
Of being in love...

Norepinephrine, Dopamine
And phenylethylamine
Are once again
Leading the platoon
Of the Love Company.
Commanding the rest of the team
To follow as they order
And just do as they say.

Fibrillating heart
Sweaty palms
Raccoon eyes
Tunnel vision
Lesser concentration
Brighter aura
Blooming face
And skip of the spirit
All these and more
Are once again
Rocking my existence.

Then thoughts
Of seizing opportunity
Preoccupied my mind
As well as the idea
That this might be it
So why not take a chance?
Why let this golden time
Just pass by and then be forgotten?

It is February 8
The day is perfect
According to Feng Shui
Eight is a number of spontaneity
And an insignia of eternity.
Perfect for a special occasion
For the day of giving my YES
To that magic question
I am dying to hear from a lover
Turned out to be my love, as well.

For the blessings
From above
I asked again for a sign
Whether to go with this or not?
To give it a try or just let it slip away?
As usual I was hesitant to ask for it at first
Afraid that what might come out will be
The sign that I’m not expecting for.
But still, I went on it
Signs were on my way this time.
An obvious indication
That I am at my peak
Of taking a risk again
Of letting the power of love
Just take care of the flow
And just give myself wholly to it
Then, be happy
In being surrounded
With an atmosphere
Filled with affection
With powerful energy
That lifts my feet off the ground
And with air
That enfolds me with the warmth of love
During this cold gentle wind of February.

He came as a surprise
In this February night
Caught me off guard with his voice
His looks, his words, his sincerity
That is so deep-rooted at the core of his soul.
I can feel the wind blowing his sweet kisses
As I close my eyes.
I can hear the cicadas at night
Singing the symphony of his love.
I can feel his presence all around me
Though we’re oceans and hills apart from each other.

He is my Valentine, my Love, my Honey…
And I’m so blessed of having him in my life.
Finally, I can say…
My restless heart settled down in him.
Alas! I’m loved and in love again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

November 2008 Nursing Board Exam Results: UPDATE!!

***This post is from

NOVEMBER 2008 RESULTS BULLETIN : BON Quarantined today. Result will be released within the next 10 Days.

The Board of Nursing started its quarantine today, February 08 2009. Deliberations about the passing rate, top performing schools and the topnotchers are already finished by the BON and the PRC rating and statistics division.

The Quarantine is performed when the results is to be release as to prevent the BON from influencing any aspect of the results.

Results will be release anytime within the next 10 days. Passing rate is at a usual percentage of 40s but can still change.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AIDA (ghetto term for AIDS)

***I'm out of the love atmospehere...hehe...
This poem is of new genre already...I made this at around 4:30 AM today, February 4, 2009.

**Again, hope you'll like it...

Here it is:

Night has come again
Hearts are pumping faster
Blood is flowing swifter
Into the lower region
Adjacent to the hole below
And free-falling
In between the two towers of David.

The streets are filled again
With bodies, so warm and eager
For that sense of relief
After some moments
Of instant gratification
From releasing their loads
To the open air
Or to a closed cavity.

Going out
Chat rooms are once again jam-packed
With a conglomerate of the sexes
Boys, girls, lesbians, gays, bisexuals
And the not so infamous
Name it,
They all have some representatives
To wave their banner
And take a chance
For a one night of pleasure
One night of a quick
And chancy mixture
Of body fluids
Being exploded from within
In an exchange
For the inevitable possibility
Of slowly putting a knife
In their organs
Then, silently
Like the thief of the night
Will destroy
Every healthy cell
That struggles to...

...sustain their lives.

This scenario
Isn’t new to anyone
Unless you were just born today
Statistics has it
The world has been producing
Infected individuals
And every day
The digits increase
For both the aware and unaware carriers
Fighting death
Each day of their lives
Savoring each taste of air
As if it would be their last.

Where are they?
Look around
They’ve been scattered
All over the place
Some knows that they have it
But, most are still
Or maybe
Just keeping themselves
With the fact
That they are infected.

They are afraid
To go out
And get tested.
Afraid of the reality
That soon
They will know
How short will their life be
How hassle will be living
Starting the day
The positive sign
Passes by their sight
On that piece of paper.

Streaming on their thoughts
Is the false and selfish notion
That living with what they do not know
Will not kill them,
And won’t certainly make a hell out of their lives.
And living with what they know
Will be synonymous to living life
Without life at all.
So, why get themselves knowledgeable
About the reality that they don’t want to believe?

Then, how about the chance of prolonging their lives?
Of saving the innocents?
Of being an instrument for change
To the millions out there
Still active with the unsafe ritual
Of lust-making.

This acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Has the shortest incubation of six months
The longest that of ten years.
Symptoms appear
Six months
After unsafe sex
With an infected individual
Or may come out
As late as ten years
After such unsafe act.

The best thing to do now
Is to observe fidelity
Have regular blood work-outs
Practice safe sex.
Read more about this pandemic.
And spread the good news
That there’s a spark of life
By the use of a jacket.

Monday, February 2, 2009

PD 69: Declaration of Availability

***Hello guys, I had a break for two days. So here's another poem for you...hehe...
This isn't a sequel already. This poem is inspired by my general experience...not with a specific person....

**As the title says, this poem is about my declaration that I am once again...SINGLE and AVAILABLE... ;-)

*I made this poem at around 3:30 in the morning this 3rd day of February, 2009.

Hope you'll like this poem...hehe

I am single again
Available to anyone
Who will be willing
To take a risk with me.

I am loveless again
Half-empty and half-full
Ambivalent at this time

I am dateless again
This coming Valentine ’s Day
Still wondering
If I’ll go out with anyone
Who’ll invite me
To celebrate
The commercialized
Day for the lovers
Have dinner together
Watch movies
Go to romantic settings
Watch the sunset
Go to parks
Or do anything just to pass the day
With a date,
And act as if we’re lovers for so long.

How I miss the old days
The breakfast in bed
Walk at the city streets
Lunch at the mall
And enjoy the short
And quick time
At bed as we explore
Each other’s anatomy
And delight ourselves
With the thing covered
With a piece of cloth.

These past few days
How I hate the cold weather
I hate the rainy nights
Where I had to be alone
And feel the freezing atmosphere
As it gets even colder by the second
Because he wasn’t with me
To fill me up with body heat.

I am open again
To any prospect lovers
Out there
I am ready again
To have a taste
Of the...

...bitter-sweet flavor of love.

But this time,
I need someone serious
I have no time for flings
And one night stands
I had been there
Though I liked it
And still tempted with it
But, those were something
So temporary and predictable
I need another taste of life
I need stability in relationship
I need security
I need love
And when I say love
I mean it that way…
Don’t confuse it with infatuation
Nor with lust or physical attraction.

I am in a stage
Where I have to settle down
I am not yet old
But I feel the need
Of someone who can control me
Other than myself
I need someone matured enough
Hopefully financially stable,
Open-minded, faithful
And not a dick head like I’ve used to be.
I mean sex is vital.
Yet we don’t have to do it 3x a day
Maybe once is enough. (winks…hehe)
And tomorrow we can do it again.

I believe there are many fish in the sea
Yet, unfortunately
Not a single of them will be able to read this poem
And respond to it…
So if my words did ring a bell on you
If my claims and cries were able to reach your heart
And enticed you to move and take my hand.
Then, maybe it’s you that I’ve been waiting for
You are the only fish
Out of the millions out there
Who has the gift
Of reading between the lines
Who has the common sense
Which as they say,
Is not so common nowadays
And who has the wit and humor
Of not taking things literally.

As of now,
I am starting to like you already
So, what are you waiting for?
Strike while the iron is hot
But, if you can’t take the heat
Then, stay out of the kitchen.
(these are idioms, FYI…hehe)

I am available again
But be cautious with what you say or do
I get infatuated easily
And sooner,
I’ll be head over heels with you
Then, before I notice it
Love has come again as an uninvited guest.

So, if you are not ready
For commitment
Then please, just stay away
And live with this sign: