Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Review

While I am typing this post, it is but ten Hours until we say goodbye to 2008 and WELCOME 2009. But, before we finally leave this year, I would just want to refresh myself of the extreme memories I had this 2008. I mean my happiest and saddest time of this year.

Let me begin…


As usual, this month was full of hopes and dreams for the entire year. At this point, I can remember that it was a somewhat busy month for me already, same as well with my group mates in our Seminar Nursing. Just to say it, I was still a graduating student this time. And why are we so busy? Hmmm….Because on the 2nd day of our 1st week of class, it was already our group’s turn to host our seminar (which happens every week since the start of our second semester). Our topic was about cardiovascular diseases, Stroke and Dengue. To make the long story short, God saved the day.

It was also this month where I received my application form for the Honors’ List of our batch. Of course, I wasn’t expecting it since I really believed that I was already disqualified of such privilege since I became an irregular student when I shifted my course from Medical Technology to Nursing. But, then, I must admit for all those years (starting my first year in Nursing), I never failed to pray that a miracle will happen and I would still make it even just to be a Cum Laude when I graduate college. So, when I received that form, I was really shocked and also doubtful. But, nonetheless I kept it.

If my memory serves me right, it was by the last week of January when my father was diagnosed via CT SCAN to have hepatocellular carcinoma, or in simple terms, “LIVER CANCER.” I could not believe it since my father was not an alcoholic and he never had blood transfusion. But, I just don’t know I he was able to be in contact with an infected blood through an open wound. I am not aware as well, if he acquired it genetically.


I was becoming busier this month since it was during this time when we had our final exam. Graduating students always take the final exam first. I think it’s true with any school (or at least to all the schools I attended to since my elementary days: St. John Early Learning Center and Notre Dame of Tacurong for Boys). But, when our final exam was over, we were left with nothing to do but go to school and wait for further announcement. But technically speaking, we didn’t have class already. So, we really had our time of the year. I just can’t remember what kept me busy during those free times.

Again, it was another loveless Valentine.
It was this month also when my father was scheduled to have liver biopsy to know if the tumor was really malignant and to stage the cancer. But, unfortunately his blood works were bad and so the doctors decided not to push through with the procedure since it would just do more harm than good to my father.


This month was when the MIRACLE that I had been praying for, for years had finally came straight into my face. We were at Lito Sy (SM branch) that time for our picture taking for our club, and it was our moderators who told me that I belong to the honors’ list. When they arrived, they immediately congratulated me and I didn’t know why. I asked them and when I found out the reason, tears just started to fall from my eyes. I had goose bumps and the feel of electricity running down my spine---I just can’t believe it. I made it and it was more than what I prayed for. I asked God to be even just a Cum Laude during our graduation but he made me a “Magna Cum Laude,” instead. But even that time, I was still doubtful. I thought it was just a mistake. So, I waited for tomorrow to come since it was the next day when the official list of honors was posted. I was having my extension duty that time, then my classmate who happened to be a Magna Cum Laude also confirmed what my moderators told me last night. After I had read his message, that was the time I said to my parents that it’s sure and I also sent a text message to my aunt (the one who pays for my studies) informing her of my accomplishment. She didn’t reply immediately. But, later she did and told me that she sent me a message quite late because she just can’t keep herself from shedding tears of joy.

Moving on, this was also the start of the monthly check-up of my father at his doctor in Davao Doctors Hospital.


I finally had my medal and nursing pin during this month. Our graduation took place on April 2 (I guess) at the CAP Auditorium and our Pinning Ceremony on April 5 at Davao Convention. After our graduation, we had a family lunch at Gerry’s Grill and then a family merienda at our house in Bangkal. Also after our pinning ceremony, we had a small family party at our house. When I went home to our hometown (Tacurong), my parents also threw a party for me. It wasn’t that big, but it was enough to make all the guests full. Actually I told them not to, but I guess you can’t really stop proud parents to celebrate for their son’s achievements. It’s such a humbling and flattering experience for me of course.

This month, I can say KARMA happens so fast. I started to really believe in it this time. It was that I became such an evil son to my father when I fought back (through words) to him out of money. I knew then, that it was not right, but still it didn’t keep me form pushing through even to the point that I didn’t talk to him.

Later on, when the world retaliated for my father, I can’t help but cry and blame myself for what happened. The idea that our parents really want what’s best and what’s right for us came running on my thoughts. I kept on crying and crying for being such an asshole. I didn’t say sorry to my father verbally since I am not that vocal when it comes to my feelings to my parents. But, I showed him through my actions of how sorry I was and how I wanted to pay back for my mistakes.


I have to combine these months already since I just had the same agenda during these times----to finish all my DR and OR Cases and for my exhibit forms to be signed by the CIs, Nursing Supervisors, Chief Nurse and our Dean.

I must say, it was a very, very, very to the highest superlative exaggerated level so, so, so tiring and tedious process (excuse me with my grammar, I just need to emphasize a fact). So for the nursing students out there, you must start as early as possible. As for me, I actually started late April and I was done by August already.

Fortunately, I didn’t have problems at PRC when I applied for the November 2008 NLE. I was at their office from 4:00 AM and I was at number 30 plus already in the priority list. I was finished at around 2:00 PM. I was still fortunate at that state since other students who came even earlier than me had their application forms approved by the PRC at around 6:00 pm already. Still, there are some who had to go back the following day because of some problems.


Again, I had to combine these months because I also had the same happenings during these times. Starting August 26, we already had our review for the upcoming November 29 and 30, 2008 Nursing Licensure Exam.


It was by the first week of October when Chad and I, the one I love now started to exchange some text messages. But, it wasn’t that often. He was the one who sent me a message at friendster and later on we became text mates.

On the 17th of October, as I was about to go to SM for midnight shopping, my father started to vomit blood and later he started to faint. We rushed him to Davao Doctor’s Hospital and I even had to carry him to the taxi because he can’t walk already.

I want to put these words so fast because I don’t want to refresh myself of those times. Immediately when he was at ER already, the doctors checked on him and transferred him to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU). As for me, I had to have a blood to be transfused to my father. I went to Red Cross and when I asked to the MedTech in charge how much it will cost me, he said about seven thousand pesos. I didn’t know what to do that time. At first, I thought that what if there are no stocks of type B+ at Red Cross. So, I sent messages to my friends asking if they match the blood of my father and if they could be a donor just in case. Then, later on I send a message to them if they have extra money because our money will still arrive the following day that time. To add up to the series of unfortunate events, my cell phone was also turned off because it was lowbatt already. I had a charger with me but still it was dysfunctional. But, there came a light from heaven and somewhat an angel came down to help me. It happens that my friend in MedTech department way back in college was in duty that time, so I borrowed his cell phone. Immediately when I inserted my SIM card, my cousin called up and said he’s on his way already and that he has money with him for the blood. More so, he was about to go to DMC Blood Bank if I didn’t tell him that I was at Red Cross. He was at Claveria that time (just near Red Cross). Then, I said it was like a puzzle coming into pieces. Everything was coming perfectly. When I came back to my friend, he even said to me that I just have to pay half of the price. I only paid three thousand pesos out of the 7000 pesos cost of the blood. It was that some of the blood are Fresh Frozen Plasma, and all of which he gave for free since each of them have stocks of FFP. My two best friends who were at SM that time also followed me at Red Cross to give me some comfort and to cheer me up.

Unfortunately, the doctors did everything they can to save my father’s life, but his body can not really take it anymore. He started to deteriorate every second. It was 2:15 AM of October 19, 2008 when my father was proclaimed dead.

Our relatives from Tacurong came at Davao City early in the morning and before lunch we were all back at Tacurong already. Rituals of cleansing and dressing of the dead were done at our house. And by three o’clock in the afternoon, my father was already buried six feet below the ground. I forgot to tell you, my father is a Muslim and so his body must be buried within 24 hours after his death.

We had to stay at Tacurong until the seventh day of our father’s death since it is part of the Muslim tradition to have a somewhat party for the dead on the 3rd and 7th day. Of course, the same thing happens on the 40th day after his death.


This month, we were already at the Critical Phase of our review where we had pre and post test almost everyday (because sometimes we only have pretest). We also had out Pre-board this time as well as our final coaching, where I had seen another object of my affection.

November 28 was the 40 days of my father and it was November 26 when our review was finally over. So, the following day, I went to Tacurong immediately to celebrate with the 40 days of my father. I also came back to Davao, after lunch of November 28.

Then, the days that we had been waiting for had finally come. It was November 29 and 30 already--- our Board Exam. On the first day of exam, I woke up at around 2:45 in the morning, then I watched and listened to some inspirational music videos at youtube, namely This is the Moment of Erik Santos and Bring it all back by Sclub7. I had my breakfast at Jollibee that time.

When I arrived at our testing center, which was also my alma mater, SPC, I didn’t expect that my crush since our final coaching was also there. So it adds up to my inspiration. I wasn’t really affected anymore by the death of my father for I believe he was giving me the strength to go on with living and that he was also helping me during the days of our exams.


On December 7, Chad came at Davao so as we could meet-up and spend some time together. Fortunately, we went on well with each other. We stayed in Gaisano Mall from 12 noon till it closed at 8 pm. We ate our lunch at Spazio, he treated me. Then, we watched Twilight…I treated him. It was give and take and I knew we both loved such idea.

We ate our dinner at JFC to save some money. Then, we went back at GMall till 8pm. After it, I suggested that we go to Kasagingan for some coffee because it was still early. So we did. We stayed and talked there until 11pm I think. And we became both emotional with our conversation as the night gets deeper. He said to me that, because of his recent break-up with his ex-bf he had told himself that he won’t love again…Then, added further, but you came and changed my mind. Moreover, he said that we must take things slowly and that we have to get to know each other more and spend more time with each other.

At around 12 midnight, we arrived at our house at Bangkal already. He slept with me at my bed and of course we had a wonderful time together. I need not enumerate every detail of it since it will just give my post a XXX rating. In the morning, we ate breakfast together. Actually, I brought the food at my room. Funny though, because I brought it too early and when he decided to eat, we already had a cold meal. But, it was ok since we had an early breakfast, as well. And you know what I mean. I said early breakfast and not midnight snacks. They differ…We both had a share of it.

At present, I am taking things easy with him. I am on the process of getting rid of my expectations and just hoping for things to get better someday.

So for now, join with me in our COUNTDOWN to 2009….








Altogether…Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to far….

SMILE Everyone.

Think Positive.

2009 will be a lot better than 2008.

God Bless.

Enjoy your New Year.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Munchkins Royale

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've thought of making munchkins, but I can't really find a good if not perfect recipe of it. So far, the best munchkins for me are those of Dunkin Donuts. I don't really know, but I just love the flavor and the feel of it as I take a munch on those cuties.

Well, a few months ago I had my first try in making munchkins but it didn't turn out well. It was so sweet, hard and simply speaking it wasn't really munchkins, at all (LOL).

My second try was just last December 23 and finally that time I can say that I made munchkins already. It was an accomplishment for me (hehehehe). And just today, I made another set of munchkins. And it is better than my second try. So, in the following days, I would still make these sweets with the hope that with my every try, I would be near to perfection.

Originally, my purpose of making munchkins was to sell it, but then when I had made it for a couple of times already I kinda thought that I wouldn't make enough profit from it. Hmmmm...Why? Because the ingredients are so expensive and I can just make few munchkins out of it. Nonetheless, maybe in time, I could learn how to budget the ingredients and the number of munchkins that I can make with it, so that I would reap enough profit.

Now, I would like to share to you the ingredients and the procedure of making these sweet desserts.


Hi-ro cookies (or you can use Oreo, Smileys, Cream-O, Mari or any other cookies or biscuits)
Condensed Milk 120ml
Nestle Cream
Sugar (optional)
Milk (optional)
Pillows (optional)

Toppings and Coatings:

Desiccated Coconut
Cocoa/Milk Powder (I used Mik-Mik)
Chocolate Sticks (I used Choco-Strawberry Sticks)


1. Crush the cookies altogether until it becomes super fine. To reach this consistency, I advise that you strain the cookies until there are no big cuts.

2. Mix the condensed milk (not the entire 120 ml; just an estimate), the Nestle Cream (estimate, as well), and some sugar and milk if you desire. Milk and sugar will reduce the stickiness of the mixture, and it adds sweetness and flavor.
*If you plan to add butter, then, I suggest you let go of such idea for it will only make your mixture oily and you'll gonna have a hard time handling it later.

3. Get around half a spoon of the mixture and place marshmallow, pillows or choco fillings inside, then, make a small ball.

4. Roll it on the milk/choco powder or desiccated coconut.

5. Finish it with a twirl of choco sticks on top. You can chill it a little bit if you want to.

You can place it on a fancy container and serve as a gift to your friends this New Year or other special occasions.

There you have it. Enjoy your Munchkins Royale.

*I actually had a picture of the ingredients but I accidentally erased it (huhuhu).

Feel free to comment on this post or give your suggestions and the like.

Thank You so much.



Monday, December 29, 2008

Home Again for the Holidays

I'm home again at my hometown---TACURONG.

Well, of course the last thing I heard the word Tacurong in TV was the time where NOVO got burned and it was shown at TV Patrol...Yeah--it was a sad event. But wait, there's more..hehe...The second to the last time I heard the name of our hometown in TV was the time where a bomb exploded at the public market, which happened to be just a hundred steps away from our place. Again, it was shown at TV Patrol.

....But, there's more to Tacurong than those unexpected disasters. It is not known other people that though our place is somewhat called as, "bukid" by the urbanistas, yet when you experience a night at our hometown, for sure you will never hear yourself singing "Silent Night." Even I myself did not expect that our place would be this so alive in the evening.

Going at our City Plaza, you will be surrounded by the colorful and invigorating lights on the trees. Well actually, it has been part of the tradition of our place to have a Light a Tree Competition every Christmas. And not only that, the city government aslo sponsored a fireworks display which lasted for about 30 minutes. It was not that long, yet it was such an amazing experience, since even the urbanistas are not that exposed to superb fireworks display. Take for example Davao City, wherein no matter how developed it is the people there are not allowed to light firecrackers even during New Year's Eve.

And what more? There were also presentations each night starting December 16, 2008 by the Tacurongnians. Students, office workers, educators, senior citizens, NGOs and the like all had a part in sharing their talents to the public. There is also a night food counters at the City Plaza so people who come and enjoy the show as well as the lights around can have a sumptuous meal after.

Of course, the shows are not confined on the stage and during evenings because the performers also gave their presentation at the end of every Misa de Gallo.

Celebrating the holidays has never been that boring here at our hometown. Most especially, the residents of Tacurong are really God-fearing. I can say that one of the reasons why I am this devoted to going to Sunday masses, Misa de Gallo and the like is because I was reared in a place where people place high regards with their religion---I was reared in Tacurong.

So if you have time...
Come visit our place...
And experience the Holidays the "T" way...

Happy Holidays everyone...

xoxo to all of you...


I am a freeman once again

Out from the cell

That I so intentionally made

Enclosed myself wholeheartedly

With the thought that all I need is him

Sacrificed my own happiness

For the sake of pleasing him

I rejected a number of possible acquaintances

Took for granted all my indecent proposals

Lived each day being faithful to him

Evaded from any person or event

That could tempt me to unfaithfulness

Informed him almost every single detail

Of my whereabouts and the things that I do

Expected so much that by my sacrifice

My consistency with my actions

And the coherence of my words to my acts

He’ll see how much I value him

Expected even more that by my faithfulness

He will learn to see me in a new perspective

And hopefully learn to love me

The way I want to be loved

The way that I so undeniably deserve.

But now I am starting to see the light

That evasive spark of enlightenment

Which has long been hiding from my sight.

I am sick and tired of taking the pains

That I, alone inflict on myself

I don’t want another night and day

Of watching my face soaked with tears

I don’t want to feel that drowning feeling

Every time I get so anxious by what he’ll say or do

I know I must not blame him for what I feel now

On the first place he didn’t ask me to do what I did

It was my entire fault

I did everything under my freewill

All for the sake of showing how much I love him

And now I want to cry over spilled milk

But what for?

It’s of no use already

I had cried and had been so pathetic for him

Hoping that his heart will soften up a bit

And realize that I am not that difficult to love at all

But again, my acts were just like writings on a pond

At first, it can be noticed

But at a blink of an eye

It’s forgotten---it’s gone in the scene

As if nothing happened.

Then, the cycle continues.

But now, it will finally meet its ending.

I’ve learned a concrete lesson on this matter

That writings should be made

On the right material

Taking into consideration the external factors

That could make or break what I will write.

I am a freeman once again.

My heart is now relieved by the thorns of his bitterness

My mind is now unchained from the shadow of my expectations

But still, it isn’t synonymous to saying that I have moved on

Because at this moment, no matter how hard I try

To totally get rid of him in my life

No matter how much I evade from this loving feeling

I still cannot escape from the blow of reality

Thoughts of him will continue to haunt me

The more I push such thinking away

The more it will stay on my consciousness

Whether I like or not

I must live by the moment

And face what it has to offer

Among the forces that drive the world

It is but love that serves as the strongest

That’s why despite all my efforts to hate him

I cannot really deny the fact----

That my love for him still grows by the tick of time.

All I can do now is to erase my expectations

But to detach myself from him

And to ignore the fact that I am still waiting for his love

Is just tantamount to fooling myself of my words

Because I know from deep within

I am just free from my own prison cell

But the world at large that I am living now

Still includes him, if not totally a world of his own.®

Sunday, December 28, 2008

About Me...

Describing myself is quiet hard for me. And I finally know why it is so. Well, you don’t have to be a genius or a philosopher to know the answer. Again, all you need is the fundamental common sense, which as they say is not that common nowadays.
So I want to share to you what I had discovered. Actually, I believe this thought has been residing in my subconscious a very long time ago, but I just failed to accept it in my consciousness. But, I am fully accepting it now---this thought that tells that the reason for such difficulty is my lack of word power to describe myself in the best way possible.

Accepting such thought also means accepting my weaknesses and my limitations. More so, it means wanting the best for me without knowing how to shoot the target. So now, I would just let the natural flow of my thoughts without high expectations that I will describe myself in the best manner. I believe I am an ever changing individual so complicated to be defined at its best. And to describe myself now and acclaim that this is the best way to describe my being would be to confine myself with such definition. I am afraid that I will be a slave of those words and that I might stop to grow and explore the undocumented part of me.

So for the time being, allow me to just share a part of me; of my background, of what I love doing in my free time and etc. But, on the process, you can ask me something which you want to know about me. In such way, I can be more specific.

To start…You can call me Ubz or Ube, but these are just my pseudonyms. My real name is Raymond, but I don’t really use it that much. More of my friends call me with my nicknames. It’s not that I hate my real name. Let’s just say, I love my alias more than it.

You might ask why Ubz or Ube?

Well, originally it was just Ube, but later on some of my friends tend to be tired of uttering two-syllable word and so they call me Ubz instead, which comes out of their mouth more naturally, as if they are just making the sound of a bee.

But again, why Ube?

Hmmmm…Actually, it just came out on my mind way back in college when we had to introduce ourselves in front of the class. So, I want to make a bang!! And I don’t want to cling with what is so common and ordinary way of introducing myself. So, the word UBE suddenly sparked on my mind. Maybe because, during that time, my mother was also selling halo-halo in our province, so the ingredients stayed at the back of my mind. Even more, I made U-B-E as an acronym. U for my family name which is Umpa and B-E for words that I can just think of to describe myself just for the sake of it.

Maybe you might think that I am a fashion designer, a cook or a poet since I chose those three categories for my blog. But to say straight on your face, let me tell you now that I am not any of those. Well, I just love to design gowns. But just on the level of passing time, not to the extent of designing for someone. However, I am not closing my doors for such opportunity. Why not? If given the chance.

Moreover, I developed my interest in foods just recently. I mean, in cooking, baking and doing stuffs that has something to do with foods. Way back in college, I sell polvoron to my classmates and they also loved it. In fact, I was able to buy a pair of jeans with my earnings. But, I also stopped since it really ate a lot of my time. So, I focused more with my studies. Recently, I also started making sandwiches and munchkins and sell it at our mini-store in front of our house here in the province. But, I only do it during market days. For now, I am searching for more recipes and hope to try it so that I can help in deciding and filling up the menu for the mini-canteen of my mother which she plans to open hopefully next year (2009). So, if you can give some suggestions for the menu or the concept of the canteen and the like, I would be so grateful to have it. I hope to have some recipes from you as well, and in turn I will also post some of the recipes that I will pass through as I go along.

Aside from the two Fs of fashion and food, I am also fond of writing. Or should I say, I really love writing. But, I just can’t sustain my energy to write everyday. It’s not that I don’t have an inspiration nor I am not in the mood to write. If I would consider the recent happenings in my life, I could have written lots of poems and essays already. But, again maybe it was the fear of not writing the best way to express myself that hindered me to decipher and write out the voices within my heart and the echoes that reside in my mind.

It is really my weakness of being afraid of failing. And worse, due to that fear, I tend to just not do things so I won’t have to endure the feeling of failing. And I have known this for a while already, yet I am still on the sphere of influence of such fear. I believe this will be a lifetime struggle for me to continue on fighting against a part of myself and in accepting the fact that failures are part of our roadmap to our success. In that way, I can be able to grow and achieve the highest heights that I am so capable of attaining.

I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic and my tears are so superficial that it can be triggered even with a light stimulus. I am so soft-hearted and can easily fall for a person. I am as fragile as a glass that’s why I tent to be hurt easily. I had been into the ups and downs of romance. I had a taste of heaven and hell through my passion for lust and love. Yet, no matter how many times I had been hurt in my past, I still remain to be so ardently in love with the loving feeling that the pains no matter how severe will always be outweighed by my desire to love and be loved.

At present, my heart resides in Mati, Davao Oriental since my love lives there. I mean, I am so much in love now, but I am not yet in a relationship. Let’s just say, the object of my affection happens to have grown up so much in a long-term relationship that he really values the importance of building a strong foundation before settling down into commitment. And I respect him for that. As I’ve said earlier, great things happen to those who patiently wait.

I think this would be all for now. I will just update my page time after time.
Thank you for taking time to read at my page.
I hope to see you more often here (literally speaking).

Till then, this has been your neophyte host,


Why BLOG it?

I used to have a blog, but I was not able to update it since I was busy these past few months with my review for our Nursing Licensure Exam last November 29 and 30. So I had to delete it. Now I am back again with much passion and time for blogging. This time, I believe I can already put my heart and soul in this blog. But, maybe until the first week of January next year, I won’t be able to post everyday since we don’t have an internet connection here at our old house in the province. But, hopefully when I will be back in Davao, I can already be online everyday since we have internet connection back there. As for now, I will spend some of my hidden pennies to have an hour or two at an internet cafĂ©.

But what actually drove me to make a blog again? Well, it was just yesterday; December 27 that I suddenly heard the sounds of bells on my ears and saw a spark of light on my superior-frontal vision---all stimulated by the statement of a friend of my elder brother. He asked me in a somewhat proud with bits of biting sarcasm tone of voice, which nonetheless ignite my passion to actualize his words. Well, what was his question again? Hmmmm…He just asked me, “Blogger ka daw?” And that was it---simple, yet so commanding that it brought me to start this blog.

I don’t really know as to what really moved me. Was it really those words, the idea of being a BLOGGER, the person who said it (who happened to be a tall good-looking, rich and intelligent guy), or the combination of both? Well, I guess all of the above (LOL-laughing out loud).

Moreover, I believe it was not really him or his words which drove me to make a blog once again. But I can’t deny the fact that his words really contributed for the earlier realization of this blog. Going deeper, I have high faith that it is really my desire to share the expression of myself through my works that urged me to make this blog. I know my articles, designs and all those stuffs were not made solely for personal reason; for me to just store it on my laptop or on my cabinet. All those things are meant to reach the ends of the earth. I really dream of reaching lots of people; of having an unlimited connection with the world and of being known for what I love doing most. And I am positive that this blog will help me in reaching that dream of mine---one step at a time.

I know great things happen to those who patiently wait. More so, I believe that the greatest of things happen to those who really work hard to reach their dreams while patiently waiting and consistently having that faith within them that they are bound for greatness.

About the Title

The first concept that came out of my mind when I decided to make my blog was the combination of fashion, food and poetry in its content. However, I can’t think of a word that will embrace the three categories. So, I went on thinking again and again. I then, browsed into some of the blogs in the net and majorities are sorted out in a specific category. So, I had another problem---I was caught in a tight spot of thinking for a term that will organize the clutter of categories I have in mind and of thinking harder if I should stick to a single category or central idea for my blog.

Then, the somewhat long thinking process paved its way. I sat in front of my laptop and tried to type in as much titles for me to choose from. But to my dismay, I can’t even start to think of a single title. Indeed, it is 98% true for me that the first word or statement in any of my writings is really the hardest to formulate or in other words, it is really difficult to move my fingers on my keyboard and let the words surge like a flowing river.

After a moment of waiting, I’ve finally thought of “Pens and Papers.” Well, actually I first thought of making it “On Pens and Papers,” but later on I decided to just drop the word ON and stick with “Pens & Papers.” Choosing the said title also means choosing the combination of the three categories I had in my mind. We all know for a fact that pens and papers are basically used in designing gowns and the like in the fashion industry, and that’s what I am pointing out here in line with fashion. More so, pens and papers are also used in making literary works or in writing a journal, a letter, a recipe or any written account. In addition to that, I also thought that it would be okay if I place some photos in my blog. Besides, photos are originally printed out in paper. It is somewhat shallow, but I am just using common sense.

But, of course I am open with any category or stuffs that will catch my interest on the process. So, don’t be surprised if in time, you will see posts that are not related to fashion, food and poetry. It is needless to say as well that I will most probably include some of my day-to-day happenings. In a way, my blog will also serve as my diary.

So, there you have it. I guess it is now clear to you as to why I chose Pens & Papers on the top of my page. Then, well and good---we can proceed smoothly.

Enjoy your stay.

It would be my pleasure to see your name on my page. I hope to be in touch with as much readers as I can.

It is my pleasure to receive feedbacks from different people. More so, I love to give my own comment into your posts.

It has been my dream to share my words, my designs and my life experiences to the world, with the hope that somewhere across the hills and plains I can touch lives.

In one way or another, we all dream of touching each other’s lives. We can make each other’s dream come true if we allow it to happen.

Let us not be selfish as to think only of ourselves.
Let us not stagnate as to just sit and not explore the world.
There is more to each and every one of us than meets the eyes.