Sunday, January 25, 2009


***One of my collection of poems...
Also, written 2 yrs ago...hehehe...

Sitting by the wall
Staring at the crowd
Waiting for somebody
To spare a single smile.
His counting went on and on
Yet to no avail
His patience fueled him
He procrastinated more and more.
His mind dictated for a move
But his body was so stiff to take an inch...

Worn-out, he sublimed
Went to his world
And seek for an embrace.
At the portals of his soul
Sadness took its form
It ran down through his face
And drew a picture of solitude.
Smile for him is so expensive
He can’t afford to give it away
He’s selfish in some angle,
Yet he’s dying to share his world. ®

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