Sunday, January 25, 2009

Morning MI

***This poem was sort of a sequel of my poem One Night Only.
I wrote this last October 10, 2008 at 6:45 in the morning, the very moment I woke-up in bed.

Last night
I cried myself to sleep
Hoping that today
My sadness
Will be swept away…
I woke up
Without tears
In my pillow
Thinking that from now on
It will be a new beginning.
But moments after
Thoughts of you
Came rushing to my mind
I realized
I can’t escape
This loving feeling…
Of that night
Started to...

My heart with heavy loads
A characteristic feeling
Of a sudden
MI attack
But sad to say
Is of no help
This time
This is not
An emergency situation
That requires
STAT medications
This is more of
A viral infection
The resolution
Of my symptoms
All lies in my power…
There is no remedy
For this pain
But to feel it
Until I get numb
I believe this
Is a chronic heart attack
Uniquely designed
To resolve without
Nursing nor
Medical interventions…
So today
I am giving myself
The pleasure
Of crying out loud
To unload the
Pain within my heart
I want to reminisce
All the memories
I had with you
Although it hurts
I will endure the pain
This is the only
Way I know
Of reuniting myself
With you
And I will do this
Until I get used to it
And it becomes so familiar
So ordinary…
That there will come a time
That it’ll no longer
Ring a bell
Nor spark a light in my heart…
Has its process
Towards its
Total resolution
I can’t tell
As to how long
Or short it will be
But one thing for sure,
I am getting there. ®

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