Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Birthday Poem

Today's March 15...and yes--it's my birthday...So, I just want to share my thoughts with you guys now that I've just turned a year older again...hahay...hehehe...

And actually, this is my first bday poem ever...hahaha...

Here it is...

I am 23 y.o.
…and still counting
I love that it’s my birthday
And that I’ve lived to be 23…
But, I hate the fact that
I had to add a year to my age.

I can’t help to be stuck
With the reality that I am aging
And this is just whom I become
I am not that fulfilled
Being this old
Yet with credits not enough for my age
I know deep within my heart that…
I could have done better
Being 23 years OLD!

Of course, I had my share
Of being at the limelight
Last year, I graduated
Magna Cum Laude
At our beloved SPC…
And just recently,
I passed the Nursing Board Exam
But still, I am half-unfulfilled
Because I had to earn
Such recognition and title
When I was already 22.

If you will see it
I think there’s no problem with that
Indeed, there isn’t
I am just that affected by the timing.
And we can’t just change that.

Now, I am in a rush for life
It somehow left me along the way
That is why I have to work harder this time
So, I can exceed my expectations
And gain additional faith and confidence
With myself again.

I have always been ambitious...
I believe the world is such a big place
To find and realize just a single dream.
At some point in our lives
We also had a taste of success
Of a dream come true
Yet, we should not stop there
As we say it in campus journalism,
“We are as good as our last article…”

We must keep on evolving
Carry on on doing things
Dream on another dream…
Climb more mountains
Conquer a new world
Learn more and share what you’ve got to offer.
A friend of mine said to me,
“Hope springs eternal…” (which I later found out that it’s from Alexander Pope)
Then, I said to him,
Yet, life is short.
Maybe you don’t want to reach your hopes and dreams
----in heaven.

As of now
I am preoccupied with success and more successes
And somehow, I am confused as to where to start
What to do first and then ask if it is really right to do it first…
And who doesn’t want to have the best out of his decision?
Well, I believe the key towards that is “Focus.”
I, personally don’t want to be a Jack of all trades
And a master of none…

I want to accomplish a lot of things,
The earliest time possible.
I want to reach the point in my life
Where I can say by heart that money can’t really buy everything…
I can say it this time,
Yet the credibility of my words would still be questionable
For how can I say it so with full honesty,
If I haven’t yet experienced and possessed the things that money can give?

I just hope that in time…
I’ll be in touch with all my dreams
And that I can just be contented.
Then, I can truly say---
I had lived my life.

God knows on what age it will be.
But, one thing I am sure about---
It will come.