Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cafe Solitaire

T’was just a night
Ordinary, cold and gloomy
With emptiness in my heart
Slowly eating up my soul

Little by little
You preoccupied my mind
With sweet nothings of yesterday
That has become nothing.

Suddenly, the scent of coffee
Lingered around me
Aromatic as it was
I closed my eyes
Took a whiff
And you took me once again
Into a world filled with thoughts of you.

T’was like a magic carpet ride
Only that I was just on my own
And in every corner from the sky
All I see is you.

Right from there
How I wanted to open up my eyes
To be on my face again
And be enlightened by reality.

Yet, I so loved the feeling
Of being with you even in my thoughts
That I can’t afford to open up my eyes
And all I see is me.

October ‘08

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