Sunday, October 10, 2010



It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I became somewhat groggy despite the fact that I literally spent my entire Sunday just sleeping. Not to mention that I also drunk a glass of coffee for my dinner at around 10 in the evening.

So there I was sipping my second cup of coffee, and of course with two packs of crackers to complete the combo. To be more specific, I have a pack of Sky Flakes FIT with Omega-3 and another pack of Honey House crackers. To cut the short story even shorter, I had a problem between which among of the two packs of crackers should I eat first?

The crucial point of making a decision really stirred my mind to think and think harder. Moreover, I should be thankful for it because the act of thinking itself has a synergistic effect with the caffeine from my coffee. True indeed, I am more awake now. Suddenly and unexpectedly, such brief interaction with my brain led me to realize two realities that also somewhat preoccupy my thoughts these past few days.

The first realization was that if I am going to eat first the pack of crackers that I don’t really like that much, then I could be more excited in eating the second pack of crackers that I really love later. Then, again this has something to do with gaining more excitement first or having a stepping stone or a prelude just before I will experience the thing that I am really aiming for --- the thing that I really love. This mentality is also the same with eating the cake first before savoring its sweet and tempting icing. As such, this has also something to do with impulse control.

The second realization was of course the opposite of the first. I also thought that if I were to eat first the pack of crackers that I don’t like that much compared to the one that I really love to eat immediately, then, maybe after consuming the former I will no longer have the same appetite to eat the latter. Of course, that would not bring justice to the pack that I really love to eat since on the first place it is my first choice, and again it is the one that I really love. On the other hand, if I am going to eat the Honey House first (my first choice), then I will no longer need to worry about the risk of not being able to taste the thing that I love the most just because I gave way to tasting first the pack of crackers that I like less.

The two realizations that I mentioned above are also the same thing that bothers me or even you and them during this time. These realizations also boil down from one problem, the predicament between pursuing to something that we really love instantaneously and in leaving such dream first in exchange for some things that we are not that inclined to.

But, of course in real life there are also some differences that can really affect our decision. The primary difference is that with my story, I already have the one that I love the most and all I have to do is to choose it. However, in real life it isn’t totally the same because for us to really achieve our primary goal, we should still work hard towards it. Also, another hindrance that keeps us from pursuing our dream are the sense of security that we have from something that we like less, the difficulties that we need to tread in order to reach our destination and still a lot more. Then, again the common hindrance is just ourselves and our lack of faith in what we can do and what we can do with Him.

So, in order to prevent from having a hanging ending, I chose to eat the Honey House first. Again, true indeed, after I ate it I no longer had enough appetite to consume the pack of Sky Flakes. Why did I choose to eat it first? It’s simple. In real life, we can’t have what we love the most immediately, so when I was given the opportunity to just choose between something that I love the most and something that I really don’t like; I just grabbed the chance of eating what I like the most and I was satisfied.

I really hope this is exactly the same in real life. We can hope, pray and dream; but at the end of the day, only the brave ones who are gutsier in taking chances can experience the beauty and promise of their dreams.

Moral of the story: Next time, I will keep my sight away from Sky Flakes and Honey House crackers so that I won’t have the same problem of complicating an easy task. And also, that I could not give the same problem to the persons that I tagged into this note. My apologies… hehe