Monday, February 2, 2009

PD 69: Declaration of Availability

***Hello guys, I had a break for two days. So here's another poem for you...hehe...
This isn't a sequel already. This poem is inspired by my general experience...not with a specific person....

**As the title says, this poem is about my declaration that I am once again...SINGLE and AVAILABLE... ;-)

*I made this poem at around 3:30 in the morning this 3rd day of February, 2009.

Hope you'll like this poem...hehe

I am single again
Available to anyone
Who will be willing
To take a risk with me.

I am loveless again
Half-empty and half-full
Ambivalent at this time

I am dateless again
This coming Valentine ’s Day
Still wondering
If I’ll go out with anyone
Who’ll invite me
To celebrate
The commercialized
Day for the lovers
Have dinner together
Watch movies
Go to romantic settings
Watch the sunset
Go to parks
Or do anything just to pass the day
With a date,
And act as if we’re lovers for so long.

How I miss the old days
The breakfast in bed
Walk at the city streets
Lunch at the mall
And enjoy the short
And quick time
At bed as we explore
Each other’s anatomy
And delight ourselves
With the thing covered
With a piece of cloth.

These past few days
How I hate the cold weather
I hate the rainy nights
Where I had to be alone
And feel the freezing atmosphere
As it gets even colder by the second
Because he wasn’t with me
To fill me up with body heat.

I am open again
To any prospect lovers
Out there
I am ready again
To have a taste
Of the...

...bitter-sweet flavor of love.

But this time,
I need someone serious
I have no time for flings
And one night stands
I had been there
Though I liked it
And still tempted with it
But, those were something
So temporary and predictable
I need another taste of life
I need stability in relationship
I need security
I need love
And when I say love
I mean it that way…
Don’t confuse it with infatuation
Nor with lust or physical attraction.

I am in a stage
Where I have to settle down
I am not yet old
But I feel the need
Of someone who can control me
Other than myself
I need someone matured enough
Hopefully financially stable,
Open-minded, faithful
And not a dick head like I’ve used to be.
I mean sex is vital.
Yet we don’t have to do it 3x a day
Maybe once is enough. (winks…hehe)
And tomorrow we can do it again.

I believe there are many fish in the sea
Yet, unfortunately
Not a single of them will be able to read this poem
And respond to it…
So if my words did ring a bell on you
If my claims and cries were able to reach your heart
And enticed you to move and take my hand.
Then, maybe it’s you that I’ve been waiting for
You are the only fish
Out of the millions out there
Who has the gift
Of reading between the lines
Who has the common sense
Which as they say,
Is not so common nowadays
And who has the wit and humor
Of not taking things literally.

As of now,
I am starting to like you already
So, what are you waiting for?
Strike while the iron is hot
But, if you can’t take the heat
Then, stay out of the kitchen.
(these are idioms, FYI…hehe)

I am available again
But be cautious with what you say or do
I get infatuated easily
And sooner,
I’ll be head over heels with you
Then, before I notice it
Love has come again as an uninvited guest.

So, if you are not ready
For commitment
Then please, just stay away
And live with this sign:

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