Friday, February 13, 2009

Queer Valentine

***This poem is obviously about same sex loving relationship...
**I made this after will you be my valentine...

Valentine to Valentine
Adam to Steve
Love has never been this good
‘Till I’ve experienced you and me.

Valentine to Valentine
No matter how taboo it is
If love should just fail from bitter eyes
Then, what’s the use of love at all?

Valentine to Valentine
Open your eyes and see the new world
Love is not exclusive for xy and xx
For Maria Clara and Simon Ibarra.

Valentine to Valentine
Accept the fact that we are growing
More and more are spreading their wings
Accepting their real identities
Streaming themselves in the open city
And loving someone of their same feathers.

Valentine to Valentine
Stop raising your eyebrows
And just accept us all
You can join us if you want
Besides, the more, the merrier it will be.

Valentine to Valentine
Six to Nine
Hardcore to bareback
The pleasure is just unstoppable
The freedom becomes more intense
Yet dying becomes a closer reality
And sinning becomes more accessible.

Valentine to Valentine
No matter how polygamous it is
Still, a lot is interested
For this queer and blissful relationship.

Valentine to Valentine
Still human to human
Only with animalistic desires
Yet with heavenly affection.

Valentine to Valentine
The New Age has come
Gone were the days
Of Jack and Jill
And Romeo and Juliet
For this time,
The world at large
Is breeding out these
Inexorable sexual genre.

Valentine to Valentine...

Adam to Steve
Love will never be that good
‘Till you experience you and him.

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