Friday, February 27, 2009

Tribute to SPC RNs of 2008

***First and foremost, I would like to congratulate my fellow SPCians who passed the November 2008 NLE...This poem is for all of them...Or should I say, for all of us...Kasali ako xmpre....hehe...

Breathe now new nurses
Pace no more from cramming
Mind not of deadlines
Case studies and duties
Those were the days already
Now treat yourself and take a rest
Enjoy the banquet of the day
Seize the flavor of victory
Savor the heat and zest of it
While it is still tasty ---
While it’s still hot, sumptuous and fresh.

Rejoice now dear nurses
You’ve waited long enough for this day
For years you had trudged and scampered
To earn your diploma and slid on your toga
For months you had drowned yourself
With piles of nursing books and notes
Burning each midnight candle
‘Till its last brightest spark
Then, lighting another one again
All for the sake of glory…
For the joy and pride of passing the board.

Alas! You did it already.
Your efforts had been paid off
Every stroke of your pen
And shading of your pencil
All drew the present masterpiece
Of seeing your name written on the passers’ list.
Your prayers had been answered
He had spoken ---
Behold, it’s your luck this time
Waste nothing of such favor
And live each day
Being worthy of such gift.
You’ve prayed and cried hard enough for this
Now’s the time to mean what you’ve said
Prove the credibility of your words
And test the limits of your promises.

You’re a picture of a happy face
Gone were the frown lines
The heavy look in your eyes
And wrinkled areas on your foreheads
Your loved ones share with your joys
They are as proud and jubilant as you are
Be thankful for them
They sustained the fire of your passion
That led you towards one finish line
Of your still countless
Race tracks and pathways
On your peregrination towards
The better life that they say.

You’ve gone a long way now
From being a freshman
Towards being a fresh nurse
You might had topped and rocked the board
Yet your calling exceeds than that
You are an angel in the sick room
And are bound to live such name
From the borders of the rural areas
To the proximity of the foreign lands
Regardless of the distance
And the dangers ahead in such domain
The heart of a nurse continues to beat
On the hub of your totality
The heart of a full-blooded SPCian
Persists to nurture every part of you
So as no matter where you go
Apart from which field of interest you choose
The strong and winning spirit of SPC
Will always live within you.

Carry on dear nurses…
Welcome to the real world…
You had rocked the board exam---
This time, it’s your chance to rock the world.

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