Friday, February 13, 2009

Pretty Face

***I made this poem by request...hehe...A good friend of mine asked me to write a poem for his object of affection who happens to be connected with me, as well...Since, it will be VDay tomorrow...and Love is overflowing in the air...I gave in to his request...hehe...

**He also decided for the title...he said "Pretty Face"..and so his wish was granted again...hehe

T’was a sunny day
When I saw your face
Your brilliance exudes
Like the unstoppable sun beams
Your porcelain-like skin shines
As the sunlight kisses it
And reveal the brightest
Form of your external
So mesmerizing…
So YOU---
Simply beautiful and true.

T’was a moonlit evening
When your thoughts crossed my mind
I see your eyes in the sky
Sparkling like stars in the night
Oh I can’t help
But stare at the heavens
While wishing you were with me
In the coldness of the night
Then, I wouldn’t dream for more
Of a beauty than that in front of me
That of yours…
And yours alone.

T’was a rainy afternoon
When I can’t help but fret about you
Wishing I was with you
To wipe away each rain drop
Running down on your face
To offer my umbrella
And accompany you through the rain
Then, each time rain comes drizzling once again
I wouldn’t mind it pestering me
All I’ll think about is you
And the time you were with me.

This Valentine
All I dream about is you
Hoping that my fantasies
Of your face
Your voice, your presence
And your acceptance of me in your life
Would just be a step away
Then, I wouldn’t mind taking
Such step
For me to get closer to you
But if not,
Then, still
I wouldn’t give up
In taking one step at a time
Just to get near you…
And have you even just for a day...
A day full of you and me
Full of beauty and affection
Full of magical moments
Starlights, sunburts,
Fireworks in the sky and the like…
A day not that of any ordinary day
A day of a hopeful beginning
Of an eternity with you.
A day of the realization
Of a once upon a time
Just a fantasy of mine.

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