Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ode on Love

***Hello friends, I have another poem to share with you. I made this early this morning of February 11, 2009 and finished it just before lunch, moments after I woke up. As usual, I had fallen asleep that's why I failed to finish it earlier.

**I was sobbing while I made this poem, I really felt each word striking my heart every time I type it on my keyboard.

*This poem is, of course, dedicated to my one and only honey...I am so blessed of having him and I won't be tired of saying that every now and then...

Here is the poem:

As I sit and think of him
I just can’t help but cry
And cry harder
I can’t manage to stop the flow of tears
Raging down my eyes
Coming with a strong pour
And with a powerful pull
Of gravity
That causes the tears
To fall effortlessly
Out of my body
Exclaiming the intense
Emotional milestone
That I feel from within.

As I recollect his words
And compile them in my thoughts
As I rekindle the softness of his voice
Clinging into my ears
Telling me of how much he loves me
How much he cares and respects me…
As I recall all my heartaches before
All the fucking assholes
Who had hurt and left me
In the solace of the night.

As I rewind his words playing in my mind
Telling me of how important
I am in his life
And how thankful he is of having me
As I sense his voice again
With its mellow and sweet tone
Telling me that I am just his
And he is just mine
Proclaiming his future plans for both of us
Sharing his life experiences
And how he loves to be with me
And see eternity in each other’s eyes.

As I think of all the tears I’ve shed
For people so undeserving
Of every tear drop on my eyes
As I remember all the pains I’ve endured
For the wrong person
For the wrong cause
And the wrong battle…

Oh how I wish I had saved every tear
That I’d lose for them
And shed it all
For him, instead
But not as tears of pain
Not as tears coming
From a damaged heart
And a wrecked soul
But more so,
As tears of joy
As tears of being so thankful
As tears coming from
The depth of my joyful heart
And ecstatic spirit.

My tears would have not cried
That I cried them out of my eyes
That soon…

And just for an unworthy cause.

If only,
Each of my tear drops has its voice
To tell me when to release it
And when not to
I won’t have a single precious tear

There are lots of things
I am thankful for
I thank the internet
For it links us together
I thank friendster
For without it
I might not have him now
I thank the cell phones
For it connects us all the time
I thank the modern world
For it made the impossible possible
And finally,
I thank God
For giving me the love of my life
The moment where I least expect it
And the time when I needed it the most.

Love really moves
In mysterious ways
And I am so blessed
That someone solved the mystery
And lead him towards finding me.

But we know that
There are still a lot of mysteries of love
Yet to unfold
More mysteries that could test
The strength of our love for each other
More trials that could
Make or break our hopes and dreams
For one another.

Now that we have each other.
We, as lovers
Who vowed for a love
To live to infinity
Will always stick by our promise
To protect our relationship
And tread on the treacherous trails
Of lovers
With our guns and bullets
To kill temptations before
They even reach
The proximity towards us.

We are fully geared to enter
On the open battlefield
Of a loving relationship
With fidelity as our armor
Trust as our the bullet
Respect as our gun
And love as the grenade
That could annihilate
All the villains
Tempting to threaten and destroy
The solidity of our vows
And the power of our love.
We, as partners
Will totally be invincible.
And they can’t change that.
Even with their strongest shot.

They can shoot,
But they’ll just miss their target
They can strike,
But they’ll just waste their effort
And they can try,
But they’ll just be forever trying.

We both love each other
And with our love
We can see both sides of the rainbow
And enjoy the feel of it
Every after rainfall.

We both love each other
And with our love
We can see both ends of the tunnel
And thus,
We can feel the darkness for sometime
Yet, together we can find our way out
And see our light once again.

We both love each other
And with our love,
We can have the best of both worlds
The world of loving someone
And the world of being loved.

It never fails---
To love and be loved in return
Are just the two best exaltations of living.
Force it and it’ll break
Find it and it’ll hide
Chase it,
And the more it’ll evade from your grasp.
But, just sit and don't even think of it
And it’ll come and change your life.

Be patient
Have faith
Don’t lock yourself away
Open your arms for an embrace
Free yourself from the chains of your bitter past
Whatever might come along your way,
Just don’t stop the fire of love burning
From within
In time,
You’ll have what you deserve
Just don’t give up on love,
And it will not give up on you.

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