Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RNs to be: Anxiously Waiting

***To all the future RNs out there...I know u can empathize with this entry...hehehe...

A lot has been said
As to when will it be…

It was still October
When they said it’ll be December

December came
And they said January…

Then, January came,
And of course,
You’re right!
They said, February…

But again, we asked..
When will it really be?

First week came,
And they said by the 2nd week

2nd week came,
And they said by the 3rd week

Then, the cycle continues…

Yet, again when will it really be?

It’s been two months and a half
Of fretful nights…
Of wishful thinking..
Prayerful days…Good deeds…
And tedious waiting…

But still,
When will it really be?

9 churches had been visited
9 mornings were completed
Eggs had been offered
All Saints had been called
Finished a two or three Novenas
Lighted a candle in different places…

When will it really be?

We’ve grown tired and weary
More anxious and unsteady

Each day we ask and wonder
When will it really be?

Will it be worth the wait?
Or should we wish…
We haven’t known the result…

Should we prepare a party of our own?
Or just attend those of our peers?

Should we bring out our pigs?
Or just let them grow bigger for next season?

Should we be ready for the oath taking?
Or be back again in the review center?

Should we want to go out still after we’ve known the outcome of our exam?
Or should we prefer to be at home and settle for self-pity and depression?

Should we be ready to cry out of joy?
Or just set ourselves for tears of dejection?

Should we see our names in front of our school?
Or just find ourselves imagining and wishing for it?

Days from now
We will finally see it…

Will it be the fruit that we’ve been dying to reap?
Or will it be a rotten harvest from wasted time and efforts?

Will we be a subject of ridicule or the star of the day?

Will we be RNs or still RNs to be?

One, two or three days from now…
We will be on face with reality…

We’re just hoping
It would be the reality
We’ve been dreaming of
And praying for since then…

We all know we’ve done our part…
And played it well…

So, whatever comes…
Just let it rain…

But, as for now
We are holding on to our faith…
We remain positive and hopeful…

Deep inside
Our hearts rumble and mumble…

Grant us those licenses…
Make us pass and top the board exam!

Kudos RNs!

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