Friday, February 13, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine

***I was able to make three short poems starting's already 4:45am now of February 14...And so I am posting these poems already...hehe...

**I made this first...I just can't sleep until I can come up of a poem..and it turned out to be poemSSS...hehe...

My nights are filled with longings
Your eyes I yearn to see
I can’t wait but wish for sunrise
And see you rise in spotlight.

I wake up every morning
With thoughts of you again
I can’t wait once more for sunset
And see you in my dreams.

How I wish we could be together
And spend quality time as one
But, you just seem so far away
Though we’re just a feet apart.

I am tired of being coward
So sick of feeling deprived
This time I have to stand up
Speak up for my heart
And cry it out
Fight over my timidity
And simply say the words
With the hope that it would really be---
A Happy Valentine for you and me.

You’re all I ever wanted
Oh how I wish you could be mine
So now, I have to ask you,...

Will you be my Valentine?

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