Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet February

***Hi my friends, I am here once again with another poem. I started this at around 10 in the evening yesterday, February 8, 2009. However, I didn't finish it, since the person responsible for this poem called me up and so we talked until 3 in the morning. Then, I continued on writing this, but again I failed to end it since I had fallen asleep moments after...hehe...I finished this poem when I woke up at around 1pm.

**This is dedicated to my honey...and I wanna share it with all of you, as well.

“Not too fast”
--- I say
To anyone
Asking me
Of my hands,
Of my sweet YES
To the question
That I’ve been
Waiting for
Since the day
I’ve finally
That my world
With my EX was already

Sitting alone
In the corner of my
Ever-depressive room
My mind travels
From Peru to Cebu
Thinking hard
Feeling it deeply
Within the depth
Of my hypothalamus
Afraid to take a risk
Hesitant to give it a try
Then, just be left again
With nothing
But a broken heart
And a shattered soul.

But then,
The surge of adrenaline
Free-flowing within me
Sustained the momentum
And paved the way for me to give in
Exposing myself
To what seems to be another threat
To my freshly recovered
Injured heart.

Moments after
The idea of pain
And the feel of it
Gently faded into the background
The love hormones are back again
Feeding each cell of my body
With a positive and ecstatic sensation
Nurturing every aspect
Of my heart and brain
With hormones responsible
For the cardinal symptoms
Of being in love...

Norepinephrine, Dopamine
And phenylethylamine
Are once again
Leading the platoon
Of the Love Company.
Commanding the rest of the team
To follow as they order
And just do as they say.

Fibrillating heart
Sweaty palms
Raccoon eyes
Tunnel vision
Lesser concentration
Brighter aura
Blooming face
And skip of the spirit
All these and more
Are once again
Rocking my existence.

Then thoughts
Of seizing opportunity
Preoccupied my mind
As well as the idea
That this might be it
So why not take a chance?
Why let this golden time
Just pass by and then be forgotten?

It is February 8
The day is perfect
According to Feng Shui
Eight is a number of spontaneity
And an insignia of eternity.
Perfect for a special occasion
For the day of giving my YES
To that magic question
I am dying to hear from a lover
Turned out to be my love, as well.

For the blessings
From above
I asked again for a sign
Whether to go with this or not?
To give it a try or just let it slip away?
As usual I was hesitant to ask for it at first
Afraid that what might come out will be
The sign that I’m not expecting for.
But still, I went on it
Signs were on my way this time.
An obvious indication
That I am at my peak
Of taking a risk again
Of letting the power of love
Just take care of the flow
And just give myself wholly to it
Then, be happy
In being surrounded
With an atmosphere
Filled with affection
With powerful energy
That lifts my feet off the ground
And with air
That enfolds me with the warmth of love
During this cold gentle wind of February.

He came as a surprise
In this February night
Caught me off guard with his voice
His looks, his words, his sincerity
That is so deep-rooted at the core of his soul.
I can feel the wind blowing his sweet kisses
As I close my eyes.
I can hear the cicadas at night
Singing the symphony of his love.
I can feel his presence all around me
Though we’re oceans and hills apart from each other.

He is my Valentine, my Love, my Honey…
And I’m so blessed of having him in my life.
Finally, I can say…
My restless heart settled down in him.
Alas! I’m loved and in love again.

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