Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Villains' Time

**This is the third poem among the three...hehe...It's now 5am of Feb 14...

Valentine’s Day
What a perfect time
For the villains
To go out of their cocoons
Fly out to the city
And catch another set
Of captives
To gain added attention
From the peaceful populace.

It’s been four years from now
When bodies were left lifeless
And scattered throughout the place
As the bomb exploded at three separate places
Of Gensan, Davao and Ayala Avenue, Makati.

It’s been four years from now
When those innocent victims
Enjoyed their Valentine
And spent their day with the comfort
Of their loved ones and lovers,
Not knowing that it would be their last.

Today’s another day
Of the celebration of love
For certain we will go out
And experience the love energy
Filling in the free air of the city.

Yet we must be extra careful
Because we can never be certain
With what is to come about
With what these ruthless criminals
Are planning once again
If ever they have…
But hopefully, they would spare
This day and the days to come
That there will be peace in this land
And we will fret no more of bombings and dying.

This February 14…

Let’s all be one in praying
That it wouldn’t be
A Happy Villains’ Time
In this supposedly
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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