Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why BLOG it?

I used to have a blog, but I was not able to update it since I was busy these past few months with my review for our Nursing Licensure Exam last November 29 and 30. So I had to delete it. Now I am back again with much passion and time for blogging. This time, I believe I can already put my heart and soul in this blog. But, maybe until the first week of January next year, I won’t be able to post everyday since we don’t have an internet connection here at our old house in the province. But, hopefully when I will be back in Davao, I can already be online everyday since we have internet connection back there. As for now, I will spend some of my hidden pennies to have an hour or two at an internet cafĂ©.

But what actually drove me to make a blog again? Well, it was just yesterday; December 27 that I suddenly heard the sounds of bells on my ears and saw a spark of light on my superior-frontal vision---all stimulated by the statement of a friend of my elder brother. He asked me in a somewhat proud with bits of biting sarcasm tone of voice, which nonetheless ignite my passion to actualize his words. Well, what was his question again? Hmmmm…He just asked me, “Blogger ka daw?” And that was it---simple, yet so commanding that it brought me to start this blog.

I don’t really know as to what really moved me. Was it really those words, the idea of being a BLOGGER, the person who said it (who happened to be a tall good-looking, rich and intelligent guy), or the combination of both? Well, I guess all of the above (LOL-laughing out loud).

Moreover, I believe it was not really him or his words which drove me to make a blog once again. But I can’t deny the fact that his words really contributed for the earlier realization of this blog. Going deeper, I have high faith that it is really my desire to share the expression of myself through my works that urged me to make this blog. I know my articles, designs and all those stuffs were not made solely for personal reason; for me to just store it on my laptop or on my cabinet. All those things are meant to reach the ends of the earth. I really dream of reaching lots of people; of having an unlimited connection with the world and of being known for what I love doing most. And I am positive that this blog will help me in reaching that dream of mine---one step at a time.

I know great things happen to those who patiently wait. More so, I believe that the greatest of things happen to those who really work hard to reach their dreams while patiently waiting and consistently having that faith within them that they are bound for greatness.

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