Sunday, December 28, 2008

About the Title

The first concept that came out of my mind when I decided to make my blog was the combination of fashion, food and poetry in its content. However, I can’t think of a word that will embrace the three categories. So, I went on thinking again and again. I then, browsed into some of the blogs in the net and majorities are sorted out in a specific category. So, I had another problem---I was caught in a tight spot of thinking for a term that will organize the clutter of categories I have in mind and of thinking harder if I should stick to a single category or central idea for my blog.

Then, the somewhat long thinking process paved its way. I sat in front of my laptop and tried to type in as much titles for me to choose from. But to my dismay, I can’t even start to think of a single title. Indeed, it is 98% true for me that the first word or statement in any of my writings is really the hardest to formulate or in other words, it is really difficult to move my fingers on my keyboard and let the words surge like a flowing river.

After a moment of waiting, I’ve finally thought of “Pens and Papers.” Well, actually I first thought of making it “On Pens and Papers,” but later on I decided to just drop the word ON and stick with “Pens & Papers.” Choosing the said title also means choosing the combination of the three categories I had in my mind. We all know for a fact that pens and papers are basically used in designing gowns and the like in the fashion industry, and that’s what I am pointing out here in line with fashion. More so, pens and papers are also used in making literary works or in writing a journal, a letter, a recipe or any written account. In addition to that, I also thought that it would be okay if I place some photos in my blog. Besides, photos are originally printed out in paper. It is somewhat shallow, but I am just using common sense.

But, of course I am open with any category or stuffs that will catch my interest on the process. So, don’t be surprised if in time, you will see posts that are not related to fashion, food and poetry. It is needless to say as well that I will most probably include some of my day-to-day happenings. In a way, my blog will also serve as my diary.

So, there you have it. I guess it is now clear to you as to why I chose Pens & Papers on the top of my page. Then, well and good---we can proceed smoothly.

Enjoy your stay.

It would be my pleasure to see your name on my page. I hope to be in touch with as much readers as I can.

It is my pleasure to receive feedbacks from different people. More so, I love to give my own comment into your posts.

It has been my dream to share my words, my designs and my life experiences to the world, with the hope that somewhere across the hills and plains I can touch lives.

In one way or another, we all dream of touching each other’s lives. We can make each other’s dream come true if we allow it to happen.

Let us not be selfish as to think only of ourselves.
Let us not stagnate as to just sit and not explore the world.
There is more to each and every one of us than meets the eyes.

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