Sunday, December 28, 2008

About Me...

Describing myself is quiet hard for me. And I finally know why it is so. Well, you don’t have to be a genius or a philosopher to know the answer. Again, all you need is the fundamental common sense, which as they say is not that common nowadays.
So I want to share to you what I had discovered. Actually, I believe this thought has been residing in my subconscious a very long time ago, but I just failed to accept it in my consciousness. But, I am fully accepting it now---this thought that tells that the reason for such difficulty is my lack of word power to describe myself in the best way possible.

Accepting such thought also means accepting my weaknesses and my limitations. More so, it means wanting the best for me without knowing how to shoot the target. So now, I would just let the natural flow of my thoughts without high expectations that I will describe myself in the best manner. I believe I am an ever changing individual so complicated to be defined at its best. And to describe myself now and acclaim that this is the best way to describe my being would be to confine myself with such definition. I am afraid that I will be a slave of those words and that I might stop to grow and explore the undocumented part of me.

So for the time being, allow me to just share a part of me; of my background, of what I love doing in my free time and etc. But, on the process, you can ask me something which you want to know about me. In such way, I can be more specific.

To start…You can call me Ubz or Ube, but these are just my pseudonyms. My real name is Raymond, but I don’t really use it that much. More of my friends call me with my nicknames. It’s not that I hate my real name. Let’s just say, I love my alias more than it.

You might ask why Ubz or Ube?

Well, originally it was just Ube, but later on some of my friends tend to be tired of uttering two-syllable word and so they call me Ubz instead, which comes out of their mouth more naturally, as if they are just making the sound of a bee.

But again, why Ube?

Hmmmm…Actually, it just came out on my mind way back in college when we had to introduce ourselves in front of the class. So, I want to make a bang!! And I don’t want to cling with what is so common and ordinary way of introducing myself. So, the word UBE suddenly sparked on my mind. Maybe because, during that time, my mother was also selling halo-halo in our province, so the ingredients stayed at the back of my mind. Even more, I made U-B-E as an acronym. U for my family name which is Umpa and B-E for words that I can just think of to describe myself just for the sake of it.

Maybe you might think that I am a fashion designer, a cook or a poet since I chose those three categories for my blog. But to say straight on your face, let me tell you now that I am not any of those. Well, I just love to design gowns. But just on the level of passing time, not to the extent of designing for someone. However, I am not closing my doors for such opportunity. Why not? If given the chance.

Moreover, I developed my interest in foods just recently. I mean, in cooking, baking and doing stuffs that has something to do with foods. Way back in college, I sell polvoron to my classmates and they also loved it. In fact, I was able to buy a pair of jeans with my earnings. But, I also stopped since it really ate a lot of my time. So, I focused more with my studies. Recently, I also started making sandwiches and munchkins and sell it at our mini-store in front of our house here in the province. But, I only do it during market days. For now, I am searching for more recipes and hope to try it so that I can help in deciding and filling up the menu for the mini-canteen of my mother which she plans to open hopefully next year (2009). So, if you can give some suggestions for the menu or the concept of the canteen and the like, I would be so grateful to have it. I hope to have some recipes from you as well, and in turn I will also post some of the recipes that I will pass through as I go along.

Aside from the two Fs of fashion and food, I am also fond of writing. Or should I say, I really love writing. But, I just can’t sustain my energy to write everyday. It’s not that I don’t have an inspiration nor I am not in the mood to write. If I would consider the recent happenings in my life, I could have written lots of poems and essays already. But, again maybe it was the fear of not writing the best way to express myself that hindered me to decipher and write out the voices within my heart and the echoes that reside in my mind.

It is really my weakness of being afraid of failing. And worse, due to that fear, I tend to just not do things so I won’t have to endure the feeling of failing. And I have known this for a while already, yet I am still on the sphere of influence of such fear. I believe this will be a lifetime struggle for me to continue on fighting against a part of myself and in accepting the fact that failures are part of our roadmap to our success. In that way, I can be able to grow and achieve the highest heights that I am so capable of attaining.

I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic and my tears are so superficial that it can be triggered even with a light stimulus. I am so soft-hearted and can easily fall for a person. I am as fragile as a glass that’s why I tent to be hurt easily. I had been into the ups and downs of romance. I had a taste of heaven and hell through my passion for lust and love. Yet, no matter how many times I had been hurt in my past, I still remain to be so ardently in love with the loving feeling that the pains no matter how severe will always be outweighed by my desire to love and be loved.

At present, my heart resides in Mati, Davao Oriental since my love lives there. I mean, I am so much in love now, but I am not yet in a relationship. Let’s just say, the object of my affection happens to have grown up so much in a long-term relationship that he really values the importance of building a strong foundation before settling down into commitment. And I respect him for that. As I’ve said earlier, great things happen to those who patiently wait.

I think this would be all for now. I will just update my page time after time.
Thank you for taking time to read at my page.
I hope to see you more often here (literally speaking).

Till then, this has been your neophyte host,


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