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On Spotlight: SPCs Topnotchers

I made this article last March 3, 2009...

Who wouldn’t want to be on TOP? --- Well, in one way or another, we all did think about seeing ourselves unto that pedestal. But, of course not all of us will be hailed with such pride, because if so, then, where’s the prestige in it at all?!

For this year’s November 2008 NLE, SPC had been lucky enough to have three topnotchers among its 803 board passers. Let us not waste more seconds, it’s but the perfect timing for us to get to know a bit more of them.

Lights off. Silence and more deafening sound of silence…

Presenter goes out while the lights dramatically flourished and the music played symphonies of extravagance and flawless emphasis.
(The following are texts written by the three topnotchers on the questions given to them)

Presenter: “Chinita” beauty, unquestionable intelligence, indestructible determination and solid faith in the Supreme Being. Soft yet moving voice like that of an angel speaking from the heavens; chaste and impeccably gifted---These words would not live their meaning, if not for Irisa Kriya Biag, RN, one of the 5th placer of the November 2008 NLE.

Kriya on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: I attended review classes religiously (no absences), reviewed my notes for the day as soon as I get home, and read the text books that were left untouched during college days . I didn’t go to malls unless it's something really important.I also didn't have a night life! (never had one, really..haha) But I did have my much needed R&R every once in a while!
Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam: I didn't really have a ritual like my other friends, but days before the board, I ate only home-cooked meals because I was afraid I would have diarrhea during the actual day of the board exam! But I had cough and colds instead! Tough luck!
Feelings after the board: After Day 1 of the NLE, I was really frustrated and worn out. It was nothing like I expected. I haven't reviewed some of the topics that came out and I wasn't sure of some of my answers so I actually doubted if I would be able to pass. After Day 2, I was just relieved that it was over.
Who told you about the result and what happened after? My friend, Rizza Rivera texted me the result. She told me we both made it! I was really happy that I passed and I wasn’t expecting something more, then my classmate Francis Jalipa texted me and told me that I was one of the 5th placers. I thought he was just joking, so I looked at the site Francis gave me, I saw my name and I just screamed! 
Changes after topping the board: Nothing really changed that much aside from the fact that I am now "officially unemployed"!!!
Frame of mind/inspirational thoughts during review: I really focused hard during review because my 4 years of college somewhat depended on this exam and I didn't want to screw it up. I didn’t really expect to top the board, but I hoped I would, just like everybody else... And during review, I came upon a quotation in one of my friend's notes. It really struck me and served as an encouragement. It said, "If you want it bad enough, then you're gonna give it all you've got..."
Future plans: I'm planning to apply for a job at a local hospital, preferably SPH, and take the other exams like NCLEX, IELTS, etc…

Presenter: A conscientious Christian with great conviction and a character that is congruent to his credence. Commendable for his cheerfulness and calmness amidst cumbersome circumstances. He is clever and competent with a complacent and carefree nature. He is a chivalrous contemplative chap who serves as a catalyst of change to his companions.----That’s Christopher Alvarez Irorita, RN, one of the 6th placers of the November 2008 NLE. (Source: SPARK 2008)

Tope on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: I enrolled in the SPC in-house review, which started on July 2008; however, I haven’t felt the urge to take the review seriously at that time (always late, sometimes absent, and sleeping during the review days). Ooops. It’s as if we don’t have an exam to undertake. I’ve started to read books and reviewers only about a month or two prior the exam date (as usual, even during college days my classmates consider me as one of the master crammer) ^_^. I have also tried answering practice exam questions, which are very helpful in honing one’s ability to eliminate wrong choices.

Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam: I haven’t performed anything new or special prior the exam, I am already fond of listening to music with Christian lyrics and reading the Bible way back my college years. But I spent a day of prayer and meditation as my final preparation for the board exam.

Feelings after the board: I’m quite peaceful actually, no worries with regards to the outcome of the board exam. Although there were a lot of questions in the test that I know that “I do not know the answers,” I just laid down all my anxieties before God and allowed Him to take full control of the outcome.

Who told you about the result and what happened after? My friend called me on the phone and told me that I passed the board exam. I tried browsing the net to see if it was true but there seems to be a problem with the computer so I wasn’t able to see it for myself. It was about an hour later that another friend of mine told me that I was able to top the Licensure exam, which I doubt at first, but it was indeed confirmed when I searched the internet. And after that, my phone screen registered “No space for new messages.” ^_^

Changes after topping the board: Not much, I’m still the same Tope that my friends once knew. I guess the major change that really happened is the people’s reaction towards me for the first few weeks after the result of the NLE.

Frame of mind/inspirational thought during review: But seek first his kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Mat 6:33). Put God first as your main priority in Life and everything will follow. ^_^

Future plans: I have a commitment before God that I’m going to serve Him in this place for about two years or so. After that, I still have no plans; it would depend where He will lead me.


Presenter: One single glance and it’s as if nothing happened, yet this “Ordinary Joe” image that he represents hides a priceless treasure within: a human brain that you wouldn’t even imagine to be of mortals at all. Innately blessed with a humongous and brilliant mind that will leave your jaw dropping and your tongue drooling out of amazement…He might be small, yet he can be the biggest man on earth---Francis Gerwin Jalipa, RN, one of the 10th placers of the November 2008 NLE.

Weng on spotlight…and talking on:

Board exam preparations: Wla nagpuyat during review... studied for maximum of 2 hrs almost every nyt... natulog kng gkapoy na og nag unwind pud kng kailangan.

Any ritual during the review, days before and on the day of exam:
Before exam: nagpa pray over... always prayed everyday even before the review started... mga 2 days before the exam, gibisita ang testing area, nag laag og nagtan-aw cne og wla nagpuyat. hehe
During exam: Pray, nagkaon during breaks and gcheck ang seat, test papers, applic # para dli matechnical. hehe

Feelings after the board:
Very happy k2ng nahibal-an naq na pasa q pero dli makatuo na natop 10 pa q... mura gyud atik og binuang

Success story:
First, nagtawag ang merge na top 10 daw q tapos dli gyud q katuo, mura q gibinuangan. hehe. Den ngtxt mga ci's na nagcongratulate.. Doubtful gehapon q og nituo naq partially k2ng nakit-an naq sa net aqng name. hehe. Nakabalo aqng parents den relatives og happy kaau cla.

Frame of mind/inspirational thought during review: Equal ta tanan sa pagtake og board exam... It doesnt mean na kng honor student ka pagraduate, sure na pasado ka sa board and it also doesn’t mean na kung dli ka honor student, dili ka matopnotcher.

Future plans: Magproceed sa medicine krong June.

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen…
Our topnotchers of last November’s NLE…
For now, the pressure is on for the next batch of examinees…
We are hoping to see more board passers and topnotchers soon…
This has been your host, wishing you a pleasant day and sending praises to all of you…


I would like to thank Irisa Kriya Biag, RN, Christopher Irorita, RN and Jerwin Jalipa, RN for taking time to answer the questions that I asked them via Friendster...hehehe...

This article wouldn't be possible without them...besides, this is all about them...hahaha...

Thank You again...and congratulations...;-)

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