Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pre-diet Food Trip: Dimsum and Gonuts Donuts

Oh yeah...I should have started weeks ago, but then again, it's better late than never....hahaha...Well, honestly speaking I didn't really intend to start this diet program today (or later this morning); it's just that during our dinner I ate too much and so the guilt feeling drowned me again. I guess it's just out of impulse that I decided to buy fruits for the 1st day of my diet program.

Yatz and I decided to eat at Dimsum after he bought a dozen of donuts at Gonuts. I didn't expect I would be that FULL after. Hayzz...

Shanghai rice

We ordered rice, of course...the staple food of Pinoys...hayz...After this bowl of rice, I guess I won't be patriotic anymore since I can't support the trademark food of sad...hahaha...#excuses...

Beef Siomai

Hmmm...I just love siomai...I'm gonna miss this...but, of course it won't be that much since I am still allowing myself a cheat day...Maybe after I'm done with this 7 Day Diet Program.

Garlic Chicken

It's my first time to order and taste the garlic chicken at Dimsum Diner...Its taste complimented the garlic rice. However, I think the chicken was somewhat toasted. Or maybe it was really meant to be that way. Hmm...I guess I have to order this again next time to compare... :-)

Coke in can

Hay....I will surely miss you, COKE...I love you soooo much! Yeah...I'm a COKE ADDICT! huhuhu...
How could I let you go my love?! :-( 

Banana Split

Gonuts Donuts

Yummmy...Well, who doesn't love SWEETS?! Perfect mood elevators, indeed..but, the side effect is that they also become a mood depressants after...And even worse --- it becomes a cycle (of depression-eat-depression-eat)!!!

So, here I am trying to put a stop or at least control the link between my emotions and my desire to eat. 


But, for now ---- CHOW!!! 

This is me...weighing 84 kilograms as of today January 30, 2012.

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