Monday, January 2, 2012

Before and After..."Reverse the Look" CHALLENGE!!!

                                                    Before: 2008                     After: 2011

It has been my yearly new year's resolution to lose weight since I was a child. Luckily, I did lose weight way back 2008. The picture in the left was taken sometime between April and May, 2008. However, I lost more weight when I was reviewing for the board exam already (around October-November, 2008). I can't find my pics in my folders; maybe I stored them in my external device.

So, going back, I just want to really lose weight this year. I am tired of this "FAT" face and protruding belly....hahahaha...Even worse, all of my pants and shirts before don't fit me anymore....I miss wearing them. Hopefully, I could...I'm staying positive and persistent on this!

Today, January 2, 2012 I am making a "VOW to LOSE WEIGHT" this year. 
In lieu with this, I will update you with my progress. Unfortunately, I can't document my current weight since we don't have a weighing scale here. However, last December 27, I weighed 80kgs which was my weight since November, I think.

Last 2008, I weighed around 60-65 kgs. So, I gained 20kgs after 2 years. TAKE NOTE, it's KGS not LBS! hahaha...

Once again, I am up for this "Reverse the Look" CHALLENGE!!!

Like what I've posted in my FB status and I quote, "i have the notion na pag sinabihan kang "tumaba ka" it's a subtle way of saying "pumangit ka" a way, totoo din nman...literally, speaking the excess fats or adipose tissues hide your real PHYSICAL BEAUTY...if MERON ka nga bang beauty??? such, being MORE beautiful is my motivation to lose weight this year..."

My Diet Plan: NO RICE everyday...with ONE CHEAT DAY!
My Exercise Plan: At least 1 hour exercise a day. Or join aerobics or group exercise since I am more into dancing and similar stuffs than going to the gym to lift weights and the like. :-)

Wish me LUCK!!! hehee...

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