Friday, January 1, 2010

God's Message for Me

(It’s already 3:51 am when I finished writing this)

This was the message of God for me yesterday, January 1, 2010:

It made me think about it for a while. I asked myself, “Is this a sign?”--- But, I failed to have an enlightened mind. Then, after a minute it just went into my subconscious. As if, I have not read it at all.

But, when I was about to totally fall asleep already, there was a sudden flow of thoughts in my mind. Those same things that bother me when I desperately want to sleep but I can’t. Only this time, it made me stand up and face my laptop again. How intriguing and moving those thoughts were that it literally pushed me to write them out now. Well, actually the thoughts that I am referring to are somewhat connected with each other as well. So to say it short, in a short span of time, it made me consider applying to be a review assistant because I somehow feel within me that it can open more doors for me. I have this feeling in my gut that this is the right thing for me to do. I am not really ignorant of this move, because I had also considered it before. But then, because of the timing last year I wasn’t able to pursue with it. More so, it has been my dream already since my review days for our Novmeber 2008 NLE to be a reviewer someday. But again, there were situations after I took the board exam that lead me towards other directions. I believe this time would be the right time for me to take a single step closer towards that dream --- and that is by being a review assistant for a moment.

Being a reviewer might just be a dream now, but let me remind you that today’s just the second day of 2010…

Who knows what will happen as days go by?

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  1. See how amazing God is? He has just given you a cue to pursue and to never stop believing. Unexpected things might come your way that will possibly make you fall down on your knees but STAND UP no matter what happen. God is the Best Encourager